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Fun Facts

  • The fairies in Shikieiki's stage are dressed in dark blue uniforms and wear hats similar to hers, and Lily White's normally white dress and hat are colored black.
  • She is the only one in Shoot the Bullet to attack suddenly after the game starts in one of her spell cards letting the player to not rest first as soon as the game starts.
  • Her "Yamaxanadu" title is considered to be a combination of Xanadu (an ancient palace of the Mongol warlord Kublai Khan, which was later used as meaning a "Pleasure Palace" in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) and her status as Yama, and can mean something along the lines of "Yama of Paradise".
    • In fan art, her name is also shortened to Yamada (山田), a pun on "Yama da!" (It's the Yama!) Yamada, along with Kobayashi, is a very common Japanese family name, the Japanese equivalent of being called, for example, "Smith" in American English or "Pérez" in Spanish.
  • Based on this, "Eiki Shiki" (using English name order) would be her Romanized name. "Eiki" means "reflection princess" and "Shiki" means "four seasons".
    • Though "Yamaxanadu" is her title, though it is sometimes mistaken for her last name. This can result in jokes making fun of the excessive length of her name.
  • Common nicknames for Shikieiki are 「えーき様」 ("Eiki-sama").
  • In Shikieiki's Spell Cards, the background is "The Last Judgment" by Michelangelo.
  • As explained in PMiSS, she carries her rod with her everywhere. She even appears to carry it in her character portrait.
  • Many fans have come to the conclusion that Shikieiki's full name is the most difficult to spell out of every Touhou character's; however, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, the extra boss of Ten Desires, has become a notable contender in terms of having a complex name.
  • The "Shikieiki" spelling has recently garnered more fame than the actual in-game (PoFV) spelling of "Sikieiki".
  • Based on her conversations with the many playable characters in PoFV, she is seen as a compassionate individual, though her conversations with Komachi can seem quite harsh. Despite all this scolding, however, Komachi remains a slacker.
  • She tells Yuuka Kazami to "scare humans" like a regular youkai and tells Reimu Hakurei to "exterminate youkai more." Both of these cases can be simplified to "do your job" and it showed she does not discriminate between youkai and humanity.
  • She is wearing ribbons colored "White & Red" which means "Pure & Brave" which means that a judge must be pure & brave. Her headgear emblem colored "Gold" which means "Virtue" which means a judge must be virtue at any conditions. Her skirt colored "Black" which means "Firm" which means a judge must be firm for its judges. Her dress and headgear colored "Blue" which means "Peace" which means a judge should be able to making peace inside its judges. Her hair colored "Green" which means "Prosperity" which means a judge must bring a prosperity from its judges.
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