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Shikieiki in Fan Culture

  • In fan art, she is seen as aggressive against other people with "larger breasts", to the point of even arbitrarily sending them to Hell.
    • Some fan artists portray Shikieiki as being envious of Komachi's bust size in particular, though sending Komachi to Hell usually isn't an option.
      • In addition, it's quite common for fan artists to draw her with magnificent legs, and she is highly popular with devotees of zettai ryouiki or "absolute territory", a fashion involving short skirts and thigh-high stockings that leave only a highly specific and measurable section of a girl's bare thighs visible between the tops of the stockings and the skirt. Canonically, her fashion is to wear very short, frilly socks, leaving her legs mostly bare skin.
  • Because of her job and Komachi's attitude, she is usually seen striking Komachi with the "Rod of Remorse" for being a slacker. However, amusingly enough, fans have also speculated that this could be just a tsundere attitude toward her Shinigami.
  • A lot of fanworks portray Shikieiki as a bit of a short-tempered grouch who will sentence people to hell for any arbitrary reason, but this conflicts with her personality in PoFV where she's stern, but patient and is constantly smiling even when having to reveal someone's shortcomings. In fact, she spends a lot of time lecturing people on their shortcomings and sins for the sole purpose of getting them to repent before they have to be judged. In her opinion, "Hell does not exist to punish sinners. Hell exists to ensure that no-one sins."
  • She is sometimes depicted as a midget or even a baby compared to Komachi, but she's actually almost as tall.
    • She is also very often depicted as an elementary child in many of the fanworks, which could be due to her drawings in Perfect Memento and The Grimoire of Marisa .
    • A possible reason behind "Loli Yama" is to artificially create extra contrast with Komachi and play up the breast envy angle.
  • Sometimes, she is depicted as cute but merciless punisher, inspired by Bkub's work. bkub's Shikieiki has cute common face and giant muscular body, appears when anyone tries to break Gensokyo's peace and crush them.
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