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Not to be confused with Seiga Kaku.

Main Profile

Seija Kijin is an Amanojaku who lives in the Shining Needle Castle. She made her debut as the Stage 5 Midboss and Boss and also Stage 6 miniboss of Double Dealing Character. Seija is also the main character of the spinoff game, Impossible Spell Card.

Seija plots social upheaval and uses Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and her Miracle Mallet to achieve this. She thinks that a good idea is a bad idea and a bad idea is a good idea. This makes the Miracle Mallet and its effects the more interesting to her.

Spell Cards

  • Deceit Sign "Reverse Needle Attack"
  • Reverse Sign "Danmaku Through the Looking-Glass"
  • Reverse Sign "Evil in the Mirror"
  • Reverse Sign "This Side Down"
  • Reverse Sign "Overturning All Under Heaven"
  • Reverse Bow "Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth"
  • Reverse Bow "Decree of the Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth"
  • Turnabout "Reverse Hierarchy"
  • Turnabout "Change Air Brave"
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