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Not to be confused with Seija Kijin.

Main Profile

Seiga Kaku was once a Chinese human. She had a large interest in Taoism and one day, she became a hermit. She used a technique she learned from a book and faked her death. Seiga wanted to spread Taoism around her country, however Taoism was already popular in her country, so Seiga moved to Japan and tried to spread it there. She caught the ear of Miko, who became very interested in Taoism. Later, Miko became a hermit, too. Seiga waited a long time for her resurrection.

During Ten Desires, Seiga resurrected Yoshika into a Jiang Shi and ordered her to guard the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum. Yoshika was defeated by the heroine. During Seiga's battle with the heroine, Yoshika assisted Seiga, but they were both defeated anyway.

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