Skill Card Yukari 1

Open Lamented Box of Urashima No. Yukari 1: 開けて悔しき玉手箱
Open, Lamented Box of Urashima
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 上空に隙間を開き、漂流物を落下相手に直撃させて攻撃する
Translation: Opens a gap from the sky and drops debris from it to cause melee damage.
Usage: Default 236B/C

Skill Card Yukari 2

Ghostly Butterfly Lurking in the Zen Temple No. Yukari 2: 禅寺に潜む妖蝶
Ghostly Butterfly Hidden in Zen Temple
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 傘を回して攻撃する打撃技   無敵時間は無いが判定は強力
Translation: A melee attack that attacks by whirling the umbrella. There is no invincible period, but its hitbox is wide.
Usage: Default 623B/C

Skill Card Yukari 3

Ride the Waves No. Yukari 3: 枕石漱流
Ride the Waves, Fight the Ocean
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 弱で飛び道具を吸い込む穴を開く吸い込んだ物はカウントされ  強で出す「漱石枕流」によって 放出することが出来る
Translation: (B) opens up a hole that sucks in projectiles. The sucked-in objects are stored, and can be shot out with force using 'Fight the Ocean' (C)
Usage: Default 214B/C

Skill Card Yukari 4

Illusional Rift No. Yukari 4: 幻想狂想穴
Illusional Rift
Cost: 3 Orbs
Comment: 隙間の中に退避して移動しつつ 出口から攻撃しつつ登場する  出すボタンとキー入力で攻撃内容出現地点を制御できる
Translation: Takes refuge inside a gap and continues to move, then appears from the exit while attacking. The dash button and key input allows you to control the form of the attack and where to emerge.
Usage: Default 421B/C

Skill Card Yukari 5

Bound for the Graves No. Yukari 5: 至る処に青山あり
Bound to the Grave
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 隙間から漂流物を突き出して攻撃扇状に近い距離を広くカバーし 中距離の牽制技になる
Translation: An attack that blasts out debris from a gap. A close range fan shape which spreads out. Becomes a diversion at medium range.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Yukari 6

Illusion Manji-Parasol No. Yukari 6: 幻想卍傘
Illusion Manji Parasol
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 傘の上に妖力を卍状に収束し  それを回転させ飛ばす飛び道具 判定が大きく敵に食らい付き拘束ホールドで射出を遅らせられるがこの状態では攻撃力が無い
Translation: Spirit power is converged into a swastika on top of the umbrella, which is spun into a projectile. Its large hitbox makes it useful for zoning. Charging it delays its release, but it's harmless before it's fired.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Yukari 7

Universe of Matter and Antimatter No. Yukari 7: 物質と反物質の宇宙
Universe of Matter and Antimatter
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 単体では何の効果も無いスキマ 二つ目を配置することで引き合い接触すると互いが反応して巨大な歪みに変化し攻撃を行う
Translation: Places a gap that has no effect whatsoever. When two of these gaps come in contact with each other, a reaction occurs, which causes a huge distortion attack.
Usage: 214B/C

Skill Card Yukari 8

Flesh Dismantler No. Yukari 8: 肉体分解機
Flesh Dismantler
Cost: 3 Orbs
Comment: 隙間を潜行し飛び出しつつ攻撃 ホールドで潜行状態をキープし 左右で移動が可能
Translation: An attack where she dives into the gap and then emerges. Holding the button allows you to stay in the gap and move left and right.
Usage: 421B/C

Skill Card Yukari 9

Bewitching Bait No. Yukari 9: 魅惑のエサ
Bewitching Bait
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 照準を出現させ、そこへ向け  高速で飛来する物体を発射する 照準地点は固定だが弾丸の角度は毎回ランダムという特徴がある
Translation: Creates a birds-eye through which high-speed flying objects are released. Its position is fixed, but the projectiles' paths are random.
Usage: 236B/C

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