Spell Card Youmu 1

SWR Youmu201

Swr sc youmu 01

No. Youmu 1: 人符「現世斬」

Human Sign "Slash of Present"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 2 —
Comment: 前方へ踏み込み相手を斬り抜ける空中の相手に命中し難いが   地上戦では非常に強力
Translation: Step forward and cut the enemy. It's hard to hit an enemy in the air, but is very powerful in a ground battle.

Spell Card Youmu 2

SWR Youmu202

Swr sc youmu 02

No. Youmu 2: 断命剣「冥想斬」

Life Ending Sword "Meditation"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 2 —
Comment: 楼観剣を妖力媒体として使い  巨大な光の刀身を生成して斬る 楼観剣強化スペルの基本形
Translation: Using a sword as a medium for destructive power, cuts with a huge sword made of light. A spell based on the power of the sword.

Spell Card Youmu 3

SWR Youmu203

Swr sc youmu 03

No. Youmu 3: 魂符「幽明の苦輪」

Soul Sign "Ghostly Wheel of Pain"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 2 —
Comment: 半身が本体をトレースし追加攻撃火力が低下してしまうが時間差で追加攻撃するため隙が減るに近い
Translation: Half the body traces behind the real body, copying its attacks. Power is reduced, but the attack is slightly delayed, allowing you to reduce the gap between attacks.

Spell Card Youmu 4

SWR Youmu204

Swr sc youmu 04

No. Youmu 4: 人鬼「未来永劫斬」

Obsessor "Slash of Eternity"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 5 —
Comment: 踏み込み斬りで敵を宙へ舞い上げ連続追撃で空中へ縫い付ける  威力は非常に高く無敵時間も持つ攻防に置ける万能完成形の一つ
Translation: Rushing in to cut the enemy, suspend them in midair and dance around them, attacking repatedly. Power is high and you're temporarily invincible, attacking and defending perfectly at the same time.

Spell Card Youmu 5

SWR Youmu205

Swr sc youmu 05

No. Youmu 5: 断迷剣「迷津慈航斬」 

Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 4 —
Comment: 楼観剣に大量の妖力をつぎ込み 巨大な刀身を作り出して薙ぎ払う前方に対して圧倒的攻撃力を誇り相手は回避することすら難しい
Translation: Putting a huge amount of energy into the sword, create an immense sword and mow down everything to the front with immense destructive power. Very hard to dodge.

Spell Card Youmu 6

SWR Youmu206

Swr sc youmu 06

No. Youmu 6: 魂魄「幽明求聞持総明の法」 

Spirit "Secret of Life and Death"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 5 —
Comment: 半身が妖夢の攻撃をトレースする消費は多いが効果時間が長くなり半身との同期も一瞬で完了する
Translation: Half the body separates and traces Youmu's attacks. Expenditure is high, so the usage time is long.

Spell Card Youmu 7

SWR Youmu207

Swr sc youmu 07

No. Youmu 7: 剣伎「桜花閃々」

Sword Skill "Flashing Cherry Blossoms"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 3 —
Comment: 高速で前方に移動、間髪入れず 軌道上に桜色の剣閃が走る   可憐な技であるが庭の剪定から 生まれた生活感溢れる技術だとか
Translation: Move forward at high speed, cherry blossoms flashing above your path. A beautiful technique refined from time spent pruning the gardens.

Spell Card Youmu 8

SWR Youmu208

Swr sc youmu 08

No. Youmu 8: 断霊剣「成仏得脱斬」

Soul Cutting "Ascension to Nirvana"

Owner: Youmu Konpaku
Cost 4 —
Comment: 白楼剣、楼観剣の二本を交差させ上空への剣気の柱を作り出す  射出まで無敵で対空、割り込み 上空への連続技に活用できる
Translation: Crossing both swords, create a pillar of energy reaching into the sky. Has practical uses as an anti-air, counter, or combo attack.

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