Spell Card Tenshi 1

Ten sp 1

Ten spell fujo

No. Tenshi 1: 地符「不譲土壌の剣」

Earth Sign "Sword of Unletting Soil"
[Quoting the Records of the Grand Historian: "Mount Tai is majestic because it does not let its soil run."]

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 2 —
Comment: 気質を地中へ打ち込み地形を  大きく隆起させて左右を攻撃する隆起の進行が遅いため相対的に 隙が小さい技になった
Translation: Penetrate temperaments into the terrain and create big lumps that attack left and right. As the lumps travel slowly, the skill itself offers few gaps to be attacked.

Spell Card Tenshi 2

Ten sp 2


No. Tenshi 2: 非想「非想非非想の剣」

Non-perception "Sword of Rapture"

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 2 —
Comment: 緋想の剣が持つ力の一つ    気質の封印を施すスペルカード 斬られた敵はしばらくの間天候の影響を一切受けなくなってしまい天候次第で有利な時間を作れる
Translation: One of the powers of the Sword of Scarlet Thought. Using a temperament seal spell card, the afflicted opponent becomes unaffected by the weather for some time, creating moments of meteorological advantage.

Spell Card Tenshi 3

Ten sp 3

Ten spell tendo

No. Tenshi 3: 天符「天道是非の剣」

Heaven Sign "Sword of Divine Justice"
[Quoting the Records of the Grand Historian: "Is the Way of Heaven just or unjust?"]

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 3 —
Comment: 緋想の剣を構え上空に突撃   外した時の隙は絶望的だが   無敵技として要る物は揃っている
Translation: Charge upwards with the Sword of Scarlet Thought. Missing the target would leave you a despairing gap, but that's needed to balance the otherwise invincible technique.

Spell Card Tenshi 4

Ten sp 4

Ten spell sennyou

No. Tenshi 4: 地震「先憂後楽の剣」

Earthquake "Sword of Worry and Joy"

[Abridged from Fan Zhongyan's poem "Memorial to the Yueyang Tower".]

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 5 —
Comment: 地面に剣を刺し地殻変動を発生 しばらく間を置いて地震が起こり地上に居る敵にダメージを与える地上に逃げ場は無いが空には無力時間差も有るので癖の強いスペル
Translation: Stab the sword into the ground to induce tectonic movements. Earthquakes happen after a while to damage enemies on the ground. A strong spell that leaves no space to run on the ground, though there is sufficient time to escape to the skies.

Spell Card Tenshi 5

Ten sp 5


No. Tenshi 5: 気符「天啓気象の剣」

Temperament "Meteorological Revelation"

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 4 —
Comment: 緋想の剣が持つ力の一つ    気質の操作を使ったスペルカード周囲の気質を剣に集め、放つ  天候が乱れてると高威力になるが現在の天候を終了させてしまう
Translation: One of the powers of the Sword of Scarlet Thought. A spellcard that manipulates the temperaments, gathers them at the sword, and releases them. A high-power spell that can even disrupt the climate, causing the current weather to end.

Spell Card Tenshi 6

Ten sp 6


No. Tenshi 6: 要石「天地開闢プレス」

Keystone "World Creation Press"

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 5 —
Comment: 画面上空へ大きく高度を取り  巨大化させた要石を抱えて一気に落下して相手を押しつぶすかなり滅茶苦茶な技
Translation: Taking the great heights above the screen, Tenshi descends onto the opponent with an enlarged keystone in her arms. A wanton technique.

Spell Card Tenshi 7

Ten sp 7

Ten spell munen

No. Tenshi 7: 気符「無念無想の境地」

Temperament "State of Enlightenment"

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 4 —
Comment: 一定時間自身の身体強度を上げる効果の続く間ガードは出来ないが被弾してものけぞらなくなる  実は気合で我慢しているだけとか
Translation: For a limited period of time, strengthen the body to withstand hits without entering hitstun, but cannot guard while the effect lasts. She's actually just breathing in to withstand the pain.

Spell Card Tenshi 8

Ten sp 8


No. Tenshi 8: 「全人類の緋想天」

"Scarlet Weather Rapture"

Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Cost 5 —
Comment: 周囲の気質を緋想の剣に凝縮  下方へ一気に解き放つ超大技  発動に周囲の気質を全て使う点に注意しておこう
Translation: A grand technique that concentrates the surrounding temperaments at the Sword of Scarlet Thought and unleashes them below. Beware that this uses all of the surrounding temperaments.

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