Skill Card Suika 1

Demonic Air -Dense- No. Suika 1: 妖鬼-密-
Spectre -Dense-
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 周囲の熱を拳に集めて発火させ パンチと共に爆炎の塊を射出する拳は打撃、爆炎は飛び道具という二つの属性を持つ技
Translation: Gathers surrounding heat and releases it in a burst along with a punch. Along with physical damage, the flames act as a projectile.
Usage: Default 236B/C

Skill Card Suika 2

Earth Spirits -Dense- No. Suika 2: 地霊-密-
Gnome -Dense-
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 地中の気脈を集め地形を隆起  地面から岩が槍となり突き上がる岩だけでなく落下パンチ部分にも攻撃力がある
Translation: Manipulates subterranean features to change the landscape. Boulders become lances shooting from the earth, and the rocks are also like punches when they fall back down.
Usage: Default 623B/C

Skill Card Suika 3

Demonic Air -Thin- No. Suika 3: 妖鬼-疎-
Spectre -Thin-
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 髪を媒体に自身の分身を発射する一体一体の威力は低いが数があり発射ボタンで行動パターンを制御
Translation: Uses her hair to make copies of herself. Individually, they're weak, but there's lots of them. The attack button determines their movement.
Usage: Default 214B/C

Skill Card Suika 4

Gathering Oni No. Suika 4: 萃鬼
Gathering Oni
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 敵を吸い込むブラックホール弾 発射後一定距離で弾けて効果発動敵の移動を妨害する
Translation: A black hole that sucks in the opponent. Sits at a fixed distance from the point of firing and obstructs the opponent's movement.
Usage: Default 22B/C

Skill Card Suika 5

Oni Spirit Bomb No. Suika 5: 元鬼玉
Oni Spirit Bomb
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 周囲の熱を萃めて火の玉を作り  前方へと投げつける射撃技   ホールドで火の玉を巨大化させ 強力な攻撃を行うことも可能
Translation: Gathers surrounding heat to make a fireball and throw it straight ahead. Charging makes the fireball bigger; you can create quite a powerful attack.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Suika 6

Earth Spirits -Thin- No. Suika 6: 地霊-疎-
Gnome -Thin-
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 地面を叩き地霊を呼び起こす  飛び出した地霊は空を漂って  接触した敵へダメージを与える
Translation: Pounds the earth to awaken earth spirits. The spirits float in the air and damage the opponent on contact.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Suika 7

Unpleasant Mist No. Suika 7: 厭霧
Unpleasant Mist
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 霧に姿を変えて自由に移動できる移動方向はキーで制御可能で  出現時に攻撃力も持つ
Translation: Turns into mist so you can freely move about. The movement direction is controllable via attack button, and reappearing can cause damage.
Usage: 214B/C
==Skill Card Suika 8==
Thin Oni No. Suika 8: 疎鬼
Thin Oni
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 弾を出すホワイトホールを発射 暫くの間周囲を弾幕で制圧する
Translation: Fires a white hole that releases bullets. The temporary barrage can give you the upper hand.
Usage: 22B/C

Skill Card Suika 9

Fire Oni No. Suika 9: 火鬼
Fire Oni
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 地面を叩き溶岩弾を噴出させる 溶岩は地面で弾けて火の礫になる 溶岩の塊は威力が高く、火の礫は飛び散る範囲が広い
Translation: Pounds the earth to release lava bullets. The lava bounces and becomes fireballs. The lava clumps are powerful, and the fireballs have wide range.
Usage: 623B/C

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