Spell Card Suika 1

SWR Suika Sc1

SWR Suika Scu1

No. Suika 1: 萃符「戸隠山投げ」
Gather Sign "Throwing Mt. Togakushi"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 2 —
Comment: 辺りの石や岩を萃めて巨岩にし 敵へ勢い良く投げつける技   射出は遅いがグレイズが出来ないという珍しい特徴をもつ
Translation: She gathers all the stones and pebbles around to form a huge rock which she hurls at her opponent. It's slow, but on the other hand, you can't graze it.

Spell Card Suika 2

SWR Suika Sc2

SWR Suika Scu2

No. Suika 2: 酔神「鬼縛りの術」
Drunk Sign "Art of Oni Binding"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 2 —
Comment: 鎖で敵を縛りつけ霊力を散らし 食らった相手の霊珠を破壊する ダメージは少ないが引き寄せての追撃が可能
Translation: She binds her enemy with a chain and damages their spirit power. It doesn't do much damage, but it can pull enemies closer.

Spell Card Suika 3

SWR Suika Sc3

SWR Suika Scu3

No. Suika 3: 鬼符「ミッシングパワー」
Oni Sign "Missing Power"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 2 —
Comment: 巨大化して周囲を吹き飛ばす  巨大化は一瞬で解除されるが  攻めて来る敵を追い払うには十分
Translation: Suika becomes huge and scatters everything around her. It wears off right away, but it's enough to scare off approaching enemies.

Spell Card Suika 4

SWR Suika Sc4

SWR Suika Scu4

No. Suika 4: 萃鬼「天手力男投げ」
Gathering Oni "Throwing Atlas"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 5 —
Comment: 完全無敵で掴みかかり敵を岩で 押し固めて投げ飛ばす  投げの様だが打撃なのでガードで防がれてしまうのが欠点    無敵を利用した使い方がメイン
Translation: Makes a grab at the enemy and throws them tied to a boulder. It can be blocked like regular damage, but you're invincible while you do it.

Spell Card Suika 5

SWR Suika Sc5

SWR Suika Scu5

No. Suika 5: 酔夢「施餓鬼縛りの術」
Drunken Dream "Art of Gaki Binding"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 4 —
Comment: 敵を鎖で縛りつけ霊力漏れ状態に陥らせる特殊な技  相手は満足に射撃も行えないため流れを引き寄せる事が出来る
Translation: A special technique that binds an enemy and causes them to lose spirit over time. Since your opponent can't fire at will, you can really influence the game flow.

Spell Card Suika 6

SWR Suika Sc6

SWR Suika Scu6

No. Suika 6: 鬼神「ミッシングパープルパワー」
Great Oni "Missing Purple Power"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 4 —
Comment: 巨大化した状態で暴れまわる  敵の攻撃をガードは出来ないが 一切のけぞることは無いため  一方的な展開に持って行きやすい
Translation: Suika turns huge and runs amok. You can't block enemy attacks, but you can't be stunned, so it's easy to have your way with them.

Spell Card Suika 7

SWR Suika Sc7

SWR Suika Scu7

No. Suika 7: 霧符「雲集霧散」
Mist Sign "Gathering and Dissipating"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 2 —
Comment: 鬼の霧で壁を作る防御技    霧は敵の弾幕を遮る壁になり  画面上に暫く停滞してくれる
Translation: A defensive shield of oni mist that blocks enemy projectiles and eventually rises to the top of the screen.

Spell Card Suika 8

SWR Suika Sc8

SWR Suika Scu8

No. Suika 8: 鬼火「超高密度燐禍術」
Will-o'-wisp "Superdense Conflagration"

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 4 —
Comment: 地面を叩き溶岩弾を噴出させる 溶岩は地面で数回分離し飛散  広範囲を焼き尽くす
Translation: Pounds the ground, causing lava to blow upwards. The lava bounces several times, so this has extensive range.

Spell Card Suika 9

SWR Suika Sc9

SWR Suika Scu9

No. Suika 9: 鬼符「大江山悉皆殺し」
Oni Sign "Massacre on Mt.Ooe"

Legends tell of an oni massacre by Minamoto no Yorimitsu on their homeground Mt. Ooe.

Owner: Suika Ibuki
Cost 5 —
Comment: 敵を掴み何度も地面に叩き付け 最後は大爆発で吹き飛ばす投げ ガードで防ぐことは出来ないが 間合いが狭いので掴むには   上手く敵の懐に入る必要が有る
Translation: Suika grabs the opponent and knocks them into the ground over and over, culminating in an explosion. It's unblockable, but the timing requires you to be in extremely close.

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