Skill Card Sakuya 1

Close-up Magic No. Sakuya 1: クロスアップマジック
Crossup Magic
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: ナイフを周りに回転させ跳躍  触れた相手を切り裂く打撃技  飛び上がりにグレイズ判定が在り上空からの弾幕攻撃に強い
Translation: Jumps as knives spin around her. The enemy will be cut if they touch them. You can graze while you're jumping, so it's good against danmaku attacks from above.
Usage: Default 623B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 2

Bounce No Bounce No. Sakuya 2: バウンスノーバウンス
Bounce No-Bounce
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 壁と天井で跳ね返るナイフを発射威力は微小だがナイフが壁を作り投網の様に敵の行動を制限する
Translation: Releases knives that bounce against the walls and ceiling. Not particularly powerful, but good for walling off opponents.
Usage: Default 214B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 3

Magic Star Sword No. Sakuya 3: マジックスターソード
Magic Star Sword
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 時間加速で威力を重視したナイフ 高速で正面にまとめて飛ばす為 真っ向からの撃ち合いに優れる
Translation: A knife under the influence of time acceleration. Since it flies straight forward at high speed, it's good at dealing with head-on attacks.
Usage: Default 236B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 4

Vanishing Everything No. Sakuya 4: バニシングエブリシング
Vanishing Everything
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 時間を停止させて咲夜が移動  普通は移動中を認識できない為 一種のワープ技として機能する 立ち位置にカードを残しているが彼女自身マジックのつもりらしい
Translation: Sakuya stops time and teleports. Since it's usually hard to tell when she's teleporting, it's useful as a warp technique. She leaves a card behind, which is probably to make it look like her own kind of magic.
Usage: Default 22B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 5

Propelling Silver No. Sakuya 5: プロペリングシルバー
Propelling Silver
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 周回軌道で飛ぶ変則ナイフ投げ 壁として設置する使い方も勿論 周回軌道上に相手を置ければ  強力な攻撃にもなる攻防一体
Translation: Irregularly throws knives in orbit around her. Can naturally be used as a shield. If the enemy hits the upper edge of the orbit, it's also a high-powered attack.
Usage: 623B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 6

Square Ricochet Card No. Sakuya 6: スクウェアリコシェ
Square Ricochet
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 質を重視した跳弾型のナイフ  速度、反射回数、命中回数が増加 アバウトに投げる使い方より  連携を意識した運用が要求される
Translation: A high-quality projectile knife. Speed, bounce count, and hit count increase with level. Particularly useful as a linker.
Usage: 214B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 7

Sense of Thrown Edge Card No. Sakuya 7: 離剣の見
Sense of Thrown Edge
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: ナイフを投げた後に時間を操作 空中で停止させ待機させる技  設置されたナイフは時間経過か 次の設置に反応して速度が戻る
Translation: Throws knives and then manipulates time to stop them in midair. The knives will resume motion after time passes, or after placing another set.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Sakuya 8

Perfect Maid Card No. Sakuya 8: パーフェクトメイド
Perfect Maid
Cost: 4 Orb
Comment: 敵の攻撃を受ける直前に時間停止 背後へ回りつつナイフで取り囲む 打撃に反応を集中しているため 飛び道具は後頭部に直撃する
Translation: After being hit by the enemy, circles back around them and surrounds them with knives. Since she's concentrating in wait for a physical attack, projectiles will just hit her upside the head.
Usage: 22B/C

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