Spell Card Reisen 1

Rei spe 1

SWR Reisen Spell 1

No. Reisen 1: 惑視「離円花冠(カローラヴィジョン)」
Charming Look "Corolla Vision"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 1 —
Comment: 飛距離比例で巨大化するリング弾消費が少ない割りに範囲が広く 牽制等気軽に使いやすい
Translation: Enormous rings proportional to distance. Cheap, but wide-range. Easy to use carelessly as fake-outs and such.

Spell Card Reisen 2

Rei spe 2

SWR Reisen Spell 2

No. Reisen 2: 幻爆「近眼花火(マインドスターマイン)」
Illusion Bomb "Mind Starmine"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 3 —
Comment: 全方向へ精神爆弾の弾丸を一斉に発射する射撃スペルカード   弾丸は時間差で炸裂し周囲の敵を一斉に攻撃する
Translation: A sniping spell card that fires spiritual explosions in every direction. The bullets explode on delay, pinning down every direction at once.

Spell Card Reisen 3

Rei spe 3

SWR Reisen Spell 3

No. Reisen 3: 幻惑「花冠視線(クラウンヴィジョン)」
Fascination "Corolla Glance (Crown Vision)"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 3 —
Comment: 飛距離で巨大化するリング弾を 高速で連射するスペル
Translation: A spell that releases rings that get larger as they get farther out at high speed.

Spell Card Reisen 4

Rei spe 4

SWR Reisen Spell 4

No. Reisen 4: 「幻朧月睨(ルナティックレッドアイズ)」
"Lunatic Red Eyes"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 5 —
Comment: 相手を狂気に追いやる波長の渦を広範囲に発生させる。威力、範囲に優れるが発動はそれ相応の重さ
Translation: Releases swirls of light at a wavelength that forces the opponent into madness. It has extensive range and power, with setup time to match.

Spell Card Reisen 5

Rei spe 5

SWR Reisen Spell 5

No. Reisen 5: 弱心「喪心喪意(ディモチヴェイション)」
Weak Heart "Demotivation"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 1 —
Comment: 至近距離から狂気の視線を浴びせ相手の精神にショックを与える 食らうと一枚カードが破壊され 使用することなく失ってしまう
Translation: Bathes the opponent with eye beams of lunacy at point-blank range and induces shock. Breaks one enemy card if it hits, making it unusable.

Spell Card Reisen 6

Rei spe 6

SWR Reisen Spell 6

No. Reisen 6: 喪心「喪心創痍(ディスカーダー)」
Desolation "Discarder"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 3 —
Comment: 精神破壊効果のある弾丸を発射 命中するとカードを二枚破壊する消費に対して破壊量は少ないが 技の命中率や威力を上げるため コストの増大を余儀なくされた
Translation: Fires bullets that cause spiritual damage. Destroys two cards if it hits. Doesn't deal much damage considering its cost, but its high cost pays for its accuracy and the power that it does have.

Spell Card Reisen 7

Rei spe 7

SWR Reisen Spell 7

No. Reisen 7: 毒煙幕「瓦斯織物の玉」
Poison Smokescreen "Gas-Woven Orb

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 2 —
Comment: 空気と反応してガス化する薬品 ガスは比重が空気より重いため 地表に溜まり敵の体力を奪う  ちなみに本人は解毒薬服用済み
Translation: A drug that reacts with air and becomes gas. Since the gas is heavier than air, it sticks to the ground and sucks life out of opponents. Reisen herself has taken the antidote already.

Spell Card Reisen 8

Rei spe 8

SWR Reisen Spell 8

No. Reisen 8: 生薬「国士無双の薬」
Life Elixir "Grand Patriot's Elixir"

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Cost 3 —
Comment: 永琳印の強壮薬を使用     一定時間身体能力が向上し   攻撃力、防御力が上昇する   なお使い過ぎるとアレな物だが本人には知らされていない
Translation: Takes a dose of the Eirin Brand enhancer. Attack and defense power increase with each dose. Something happens if you take too much, but nobody told Reisen about that.

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