Spell Card Reimu 1

SWR Reimu201

Swr sc reimu 01

No. Reimu 1: 霊符「夢想妙珠」

Spirit Sign "Fantasy Orb"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 2 —
Comment: 追尾性のある霊力弾を連射する 動く的に当てやすく数を打つため相手との撃ち合いにも使いやすい
Translation: Fires homing spirit orbs. Since there's enough to easily hit a moving target, it's easy to use in a firefight.

Spell Card Reimu 2

SWR Reimu202

Swr sc reimu 02

No. Reimu 2: 神霊「夢想封印」

Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 5 —
Comment: 夢想系の基本最終形態の一つ   大量の追尾弾を殺到させ敵を封殺 死角の少ない技だが消費の割りに威力は控えめな点が欠点
Translation: One of the ultimate forms of the Fantasy attacks. Suppresses the enemy with a huge flood of homing shots. There's almost no blind spot, but its drawback is that it consumes a large amount of energy.

Spell Card Reimu 3

SWR Reimu203

Swr sc reimu 03

No. Reimu 3: 神技「八方鬼縛陣」

Divine Arts "Demon Binding Circle"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 4 —
Comment: 自分を中心に広範囲の結界を生成 無敵時間を持ちカウンターが可能
Translation: Creates an expansive barrier centered around Reimu. It's possible to counter while you're invincible.

Spell Card Reimu 4

SWR Reimu204

Swr sc reimu 04

No. Reimu 4: 珠符「明珠暗投」

Jewel Sign "Concealed Orbs of Light"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 1 —
Comment: 地面でバウンドする陰陽玉を発射 独特の軌道を描き長時間残るため最初の一手として撒くのも有効
Translation: Fires Yin-Yang orbs that bounce off the ground. They last a long time and follow an unusual path, so their effectiveness depends on where they're fired from.

Spell Card Reimu 5

SWR Reimu205

Swr sc reimu 05

No. Reimu 5: 宝符「陰陽宝玉」 

Treasure Sign "Yin-Yang Orb"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 2 —
Comment: 手元に円形攻撃フィールドを形成掌打のように打ち付ける近接攻撃
Translation: A close-range attack that fires a circular field out from the palm of the hand.

Spell Card Reimu 6

SWR Reimu206

Swr sc reimu 06

No. Reimu 6: 宝具「陰陽鬼神玉」 

Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 4 —
Comment: 大量の霊力で練り上げた陰陽玉 直接攻撃的な使い方に加えて  長時間の残存を活かす追い込みも強力になった
Translation: A Yin-Yang orb made of immense spiritual energy. Not only is it useful as a direct attack, but the long-lasting aftereffect is powerful, too.

Spell Card Reimu 7

SWR Reimu207

Swr sc reimu 07

No. Reimu 7: 神技「天覇風神脚」

Divine Arts "Wind God Kick"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 3 —
Comment: 連続で昇天脚を繰り出すカード 攻撃までが早く接近戦において さまざまな使い方が出来る
Translation: A string of repeated Ascension Kicks. It sets up quickly, so there's lots of ways to use it in close combat.

Spell Card Reimu 8

SWR Reimu208

Swr sc reimu 08

No. Reimu 8: 「夢想天生」

"Fantasy Heaven"

Homonym to Kenshiro's "Musou Tensei" (無想転生) of Fist of the North Star.

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Cost 5 —
Comment: 発動すると7つの陰陽玉を装着 この状態で打撃がヒットすると 一つ点灯し、全てを点灯させると大規模な全体攻撃が発動する
Translation: Upon casting, seven Yin-Yang orbs appear. One lights every time you hit the enemy; when all are lit, a large-scale attack envelops the whole field.

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