Spell Card 01

Weather Discovery

Weather Discovery2

No. 01: 気質発現
Temperament Manifestation
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 現在の予報の天候を発動するが 無予報時は何が起こるか不明  また既に発現している天候を  打ち消す効果も有る
Translation: Activates the currently forecast weather, but it's unknown what happens if used when there's no forecast. It also serves to cancel the currently active weather.
Usage: If a weather is currently active, using this card causes the timer of the current weather to drop very quickly, essentially ending the current active weather.

If the weather is "Clear" (no weather active), using this card causes the weather to change to the weather shown in the timer.

Spell Card 02

Soul Strike

Soul Strike2

No. 02: 霊撃
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 衝撃波で周囲を吹き飛ばす   攻撃発生直後まで無敵で、距離が近ければ対地対空を問わない  威力は無いが緊急回避の基本
Translation: Pushes everything back with a shock wave. You're invincible afterwards, so it's good against ground and air at close range. It does no damage, but it's a fundamental evasion technique.
Usage: Automatically knocks down the opponent if used within close range.

Spell Card 03

Guard Counter

Guard Counter2

No. 03: ガード反撃
Guard Reversal
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: ガード中のみ使用可能     ガードを中断して打撃で反撃する攻撃直前まで無敵で発生も早く 手堅い割り込み手段となる
Translation: Only usable while guarding. It interrupts your block to counterattack. It's fast and makes you temporarily invincible, so it's very useful for countering.
Usage: Can only be used when in blockstun. Basically a "counter" card, in which your character gains complete invincibility and counters with an attack that does no damage but knocks down your opponent on hit. The range of the counter hit is rather short, so this is mostly used when countering melee attacks to relieve pressure.

Spell Card 04

Spell Card Increase

Spell Card Increase2

No. 04: スペル増幅
Spell Amplifier
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: カードゲージがカード二枚分増加このカードの消費を差し引いて 一枚カードを増やすことが出来るただ途中で攻撃を受けると   その時点でゲージ増加は中断
Translation: Fills your card gauge by two cards, or one card if you count having to use this one. However, if you take damage while the gauge is still filling, it will stop.
Usage: After this card is consumed, your card gauge slowly fills up by 2 cards, in which your character is unable to move or attack. So essentially it is trading in this card for 2 new cards from your deck.

Spell Card 05

Health Recovery

Health Recovery2

No. 05: 体力回復
Life Regenerator
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 使うだけで体力を回復できる  使用に隙があり、途中で攻撃を 受けると回復が停止する点に注意
Translation: Regenerates your strength just by using it. You're free to move about while using it, but the regeneration stops if you take damage, so be careful.
Usage: The user's health slowly regenerates for a short period of time. During this time, the user may move around, attack, etc. But if you're hit, the regeneration stops.

Spell Card 06

Spiritual Recovery

Spiritual Recovery2

No. 06: 霊力回復
Spirit Regenerator
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 使った瞬間に霊力がフル回復し 破壊された霊珠も一つ取り戻せる
Translation: Refills all available spirit spheres and recovers a broken spirit sphere the instant this card is activated.
Usage: Regenerates spirit orbs at an increased rate for a short period of time. Broken orbs are restored.

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