(Note that usage descriptions apply to Hisoutensoku update v1.10 unless stated otherwise)

Skill Card Patchouli 1

Patch sk 1

SWR Patch skill 1

No. Patchouli 1: サマーレッド
Summer Red
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 火属性魔法の基本発展形    前方に大型の火炎弾を射出する 貫通力と威力に優れ使いやすいが直線ゆえ回避され易くも有る
Translation: A basic form of fire-element magic. Shoots a large fireball straight ahead. Superb in penetration, damage, and ease of use, but as it travels straight, it's also easy to dodge.
Usage: Default 236B/C. C increases the fireball's speed. Usable in the air, in which Patchouli angles the shot downwards. C reduces the angle. Level 4 adds a damaging trail behind the attack.

Skill Card Patchouli 2

Patch sk 2

SWR Patch skill 2

No. Patchouli 2: ウィンターエレメント
Winter Element
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: 水属性魔法の基本発展形    敵の足元に水脈を呼び寄せ   高水圧の噴水を発生させ攻撃する
Translation: A basic form of water-element magic. Summons a waterway at the enemy's feet and attacks with a high-pressure water spout.
Usage: Default 22B/C. In Hisoutensoku, the geysers start out short. Levels increase the height of the geysers. Levels 3 and 4 add second and third geysers in SWR but simply increase the width of the original one in Hisoutensoku.

Skill Card Patchouli 3

Patch sk 3

SWR Patch skill 3

No. Patchouli 3: スプリングウィンド
Spring Wind
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 木属性魔法の基本発展形    風圧で敵の攻撃をいなすと同時に敵を押し返し距離を取ることが出来る
Translation: A basic form of wood-element magic. Negates enemy attacks with air pressure and pushes the opponent back, opening some distance between you.
Usage: Default 623B/C. Patchouli enters a graze state when using this technique.

Skill Card Patchouli 4

Patch sk 4

SWR Patch skill 4

No. Patchouli 4: オータムエッジ
Autumn Edge
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 金属性魔法の基本発展形    金属元素を利用し鋭利な刃を生成操作により敵へ殺到させる   威力は小さいが数に物を言わせた厚さが最大の売り
Translation: A basic form of metal-element magic. Uses the metal element to create sharp blades and manipulate them to rush at the opponent. They're not very powerful, but it's made up for in number.
Usage: Default 214B/C. An attack with high speed and penetration that can be delayed. C opens a blind spot in front of Patchouli but gives significant angle to the blades in order to attack airborne enemies. Levels increase the amount of blades. After Level 1, missed blades will redirect themselves towards the enemy if one connects.

Skill Card Patchouli 5

Patch sk 5

SWR Patch skill 5

No. Patchouli 5: Jドヨースピア
Dew Spear

[ドヨー refers to 土用, the eighteen days before the change of seasons. Mostly refers to the period before autumn, when it is generally the hottest of the year.]

Cost: 3 Orbs
Comment: 土属性魔法の基本発展形    地中から宝石の槍が出現し   上空から敵へと襲い掛かる
Translation: A basic form of earth-element magic. Crystal spears erupt from the ground and rain down on the opponent from the sky.
Usage: Default 421B/C.

Skill Card Patchouli 6

Patch sk 6

SWR Patch skill 6

No. Patchouli 6: サマーフレイム
Summer Flame
Cost: 0 Orbs
Comment: 火属性魔法の特殊発展形    威力ではなく範囲を重視し前方の広い角度へ炎を発生させる   掠った位の威力は微々たる物だが回避に大きな動きを強制できる
Translation: A special form of fire-element magic. Sends flames in a great arc, focusing not on power but on spread. It's not terribly powerful, but dodging it requires lots of movement.
Usage: 236B/C

Skill Card Patchouli 7

Patch sk 7

SWR Patch skill 7

No. Patchouli 7: コンデンスドバブル
Condensed Bubble
Cost: 4 Orbs
Comment: {{{commentjp}}}
Translation: A form of water-element magic specialized for defense. A bubble shield that stops enemy attacks. It bursts after taking a certain amount of damage, but that can deal damage back as a sort of counter.
Usage: 22B/C. C version sends the bubble further.

Skill Card Patchouli 8

Patch sk 8

SWR Patch skill 8

No. Patchouli 8: フラッシュオブスプリング
Flash of Spring
Cost: 2 Orbs
Comment: 木属性魔法の攻撃特化形    手元に超高圧の空気の塊を作り それを相手へとぶつける射撃技 超弾速が特徴で射線上の相手は 目視からの回避も困難となる
Translation: A form of wood-element magic specialized for offense. Creates a shot of extremely pressurized air and throws it at the opponent. Its high speed makes it hard for those in the line of fire to even avert their eyes.
Usage: 623B/C. Usable in the air. Can be delayed, but has no noticeable effect on damage. Extremely thin and lacks penetration, but is roughly as powerful as Summer Red and much faster.

Skill Card Patchouli 9

Patch sk 9

SWR Patch skill 9

No. Patchouli 9: オータムブレード
Autumn Blade
Cost: 1 Orb
Comment: 金属性魔法の攻撃特化形    金属元素を集め丸鋸状の刃を作り相手へと投げつける      鋸は上下に狙いが広く当て易い上床で跳ね返る特性がある
Translation: Offensively specialized form of metal-element magic. Gathers the metal element to create a circular saw blade, which is thrown at the enemy. When thrown both up and down it's easy to hit with and can bounce off the ground.
Usage: 214B/C. B fires a blade straight forward. C creates two blades which fly diagonally.

Skill Card Patchouli 10

Patch sk 10

SWR Patch skill 10

No. Patchouli 10: エメラルドシティ
Emerald City
Cost: 3 Orbs
Comment: 土属性魔法の防御特化形    地中から宝石の壁を作り出し  周囲の敵を吹き飛ばして攻撃する本体に無敵時間が有り範囲も広く切り返しとして強力
Translation: Defensively specialized form of earth-element magic. A wall of crystal is created from the earth and sends the opponent flying. Useful as a counterattack as it has invincible frames and a wide attack area.
Usage: 421B/C. Level 4 increases the height of the walls

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