Spell Card Patchouli 1

Swr patchouli spc 01

Swr sc patchouli 01

No. Patchouli 1: 火金符「セントエルモピラー」

Fire Metal Sign "St. Elmo's Pillar"

St. Elmo's (pillar of) fire - fire-like electrical discharges on the mastheads of ships

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 3 —
Comment: 火、金の合成符  高密度の熱の塊を作り出し発射 地面に叩き付ける事で火柱とする射出時に敵の足元を狙うため  踏み込まれると外れやすい
Translation: Synthesis of fire and metal. Create a mass with high density and temperature. Striking the ground, creates a pillar of flame aimed at the enemy's feet. It's easy to misstep.

Spell Card Patchouli 2

Swr patchouli spc 02

Swr sc patchouli 02

No. Patchouli 2: 土水符「ノエキアンデリュージュ」

Earth Water Sign "Noachian Deluge"

Noachian - relating to Noah

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 2 —
Comment: 土、水の合成符  圧縮した水を前方へ吹き付ける技消費が少なく弾速、密度も良好で相手との射ち合いで効果を発揮
Translation: Synthesis of earth and water. Spray forward compressed water shots at low cost; effective in a firefight.

Spell Card Patchouli 3

Swr patchouli spc 03

Swr sc patchouli 03

No. Patchouli 3: 金木符「エレメンタルハーベスター」

Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester"

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 2 —
Comment: 金、木の合成符  歯車の形をした刃で周囲を守り 近くの敵を迎撃する防御スペル
Translation: Synthesis of metal and wood. Protects the user with a gear-shaped blade. A defensive spell that can intercept nearby enemies.

Spell Card Patchouli 4

Swr patchouli spc 04

Swr sc patchouli 04

No. Patchouli 4: 日符「ロイヤルフレア」

Sun Sign "Royal Flare"

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 5 —
Comment: 小型の太陽を作り出し全てを光で焼き払う彼女の最高峰魔法の一つ吸血鬼の館に住む者が使う魔法としては何とも因縁めいた物である
Translation: Creates a small sun which burns everything with its light. One of her greatest spells. Destiny-defying magic of the Vampires' mansion.

Spell Card Patchouli 5

Swr patchouli spc 05

Swr sc patchouli 05

No. Patchouli 5: 月符「サイレントセレナ」 

Moon Sign "Silent Selene"

Selene: a Greek goddess of the moon.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 2 —
Comment: 展開した魔法陣から月の光を収束した光の矢を発射して敵を射抜く魔法陣の内側は不可侵領域となりその中心に居るパチュリーには 鉄壁の守りとなる
Translation: Condenses moonlight into arrows of light, Shooting through everything in its magic field. magic that protects Patchouli like an impregnable fortress.

Spell Card Patchouli 6

Swr patchouli spc 06

Swr sc patchouli 06

No. Patchouli 6: 火水木金土符「賢者の石」 

Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone"

Philosopher's Stone: mythical substance that could turn metal into gold.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 5 —
Comment: 元素練成したマジックアンプ  必殺技に石が反応して追加攻撃 弾幕を強固にする  砕けた石は効果時間が続く限り 時間経過で再生する
Translation: Elemental magic amplifier. When using a special attack, the gems increase its power. Continues with the passage of time.

Spell Card Patchouli 7

Swr patchouli spc 07

Swr sc patchouli 07

No. Patchouli 7: 水符「ジェリフィッシュプリンセス」

Water Sign "Jellyfish Princess"

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 1 —
Comment: 泡による防護壁を生成して装着 泡が攻撃を受け止めてくれる  泡が有る限り本体は無敵だが  泡が大きくグレイズ出来ないので長時間の効果は期待しにくい
Translation: Creates a protective bubble shield. The bubble stops enemy attacks. The user is invincible while the bubble exists, but because you can't graze, it's hard to maintain it for long.

Spell Card Patchouli 8

Swr patchouli spc 08

Swr sc patchouli 08

No. Patchouli 8: 月木符「サテライトヒマワリ」

Moon Wood Sign "Satellite Sunflower"

Himawari: a name of a Japanese weather satellite, means sunflower.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 3 —
Comment: 上空に自立攻撃を行う光弾を放つ光弾は螺旋状に上昇しながら下へ弾をばら撒き援護してくれる
Translation: Independent attack from above. Light shots move upwards in a spiral shape while scattering attacks downwards.

Spell Card Patchouli 9

Swr patchouli spc 09

Swr sc patchouli 09

No. Patchouli 9: 日木符「フォトシンセシス」

Sun Wood Sign "Photosynthesis"

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Cost 3 —
Comment: 周囲の魔力を凝縮させた場を作り中に入ると霊力の回復が促進  無尽蔵に射撃が使える状態になる場は設置すると動かせず、他の カードを使うと消えるので注意
Translation: The surrounding space is filled with magic energy, increasing the user's rate of power recovery. As long as you don't move, you can attack constantly. Using another spell card cancels it.

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