Spell Card Marisa 1

Swr marisa spc 01

Swr sc marisa 01

No. Marisa 1: 恋符「マスタースパーク」

Love Sign "Master Spark"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 3 —
Comment: 彼女の代名詞である極太レーザー照射時に前方以外に回り込まれるリスクには要注意
Translation: When shooting her signature gigantic laser, be aware of the risk of attacks from directions other than straight ahead.

Spell Card Marisa 2

Swr marisa spc 02

Swr sc marisa 02

No. Marisa 2: 魔砲「ファイナルスパーク」

Magicannon "Final Spark"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 5 —
Comment: 大出力レーザーを惜しみなく照射前方であれば逃げ場はほぼ無い上直撃の威力も消費に対し高い
Translation: This high-output laser has very little space to escape from; direct hit damage and power consumption are both very high.

Spell Card Marisa 3

Swr marisa spc 03

Swr sc marisa 03

No. Marisa 3: 星符「ドラゴンメテオ」

Star Sign "Dragon Meteor"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 5 —
Comment: 上空から大出力レーザーを発射 威力が高く角度の制御も可能  射出時に上空へ移動するので  上手く使えば回避も可能
Translation: Fires a high-output laser from the sky. Power is high, and you can control the firing angle. Because it takes some time to get into position in the air, it's possible to evade.

Spell Card Marisa 4

Swr marisa spc 04

Swr sc marisa 04

No. Marisa 4: 魔符「スターダストレヴァリエ」

Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 2 —
Comment: ウィッチレイラインを強化した技突進速度と威力が大きく伸びた
Translation: This high-powered charging technique's power is expanded on Witch Ray Line.

Spell Card Marisa 5

Swr marisa spc 05

Swr sc marisa 05

No. Marisa 5: 星符「エスケープベロシティ」 

Star Sign "Escape Velocity"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 3 —
Comment: ミアズマスウィープを大幅改良 接近状態でのカウンターや上空の敵を討ち取るのに効果を発揮
Translation: A wide revision of Miasma Sweep. It can be used as a close-range counter or to hit enemies in midair.

Spell Card Marisa 6

Swr marisa spc 06

Swr sc marisa 06

No. Marisa 6: 彗星「ブレイジングスター」 

Comet "Blazing Star"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 5 —
Comment: 一度画面外に退避し高速で再突入攻撃はほぼ画面全体に及び   止める事も不可能である強力な技欠点は退避を挟む為発生が遅い事
Translation: Temporarily leaving the screen, and reenter with a high speed attack that hits almost the entire screen. This unstoppable technique can also be used to escape, but it's slow to start.

Spell Card Marisa 7

Swr marisa spc 07

Swr sc marisa 07

No. Marisa 7: 星符「メテオニックシャワー」

Star Sign "Meteonic Shower"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 1 —
Comment: 前方に大量の弾をばら撒く射撃 燃費が安く気楽に使用が出来る
Translation: Fire a large number of scattering shots forward. Fuel consumption is low, so you can use it easily.

Spell Card Marisa 8

Swr marisa spc 08

Swr sc marisa 08

No. Marisa 8: 光符「ルミネスストライク」

Light Sign "Luminous Strike"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 2 —
Comment: 箒を砲身として使い魔法弾を発射弾丸が大きく速度も速い為   レーザーとは違う味わいを持つ
Translation: Using a broom as a gun barrel, fires large and high speed magic bullets. It's a different flavor than lasers.

Spell Card Marisa 9

Swr marisa spc 09

Swr sc marisa 09

No. Marisa 9: 儀符「オールレリーズサン」

Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 2 —
Comment: 魔力で制御するビットを装着する装着中は射撃がビットからに変化大幅に強化される
Translation: Magically installed bits fire to strengthen your assault.

Spell Card Marisa 10

Swr marisa spc 10

Swr sc marisa 10

No. Marisa 10: 邪恋「実りやすいマスタースパーク」

Perverse Love "Easy-Harvest Master Spark"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Cost 5 —
Comment: 細いレーザーを導線に使うことでマスタースパークの出力を増幅 超大火力の前方攻撃を可能にした
Translation: Using a narrow beam as a conductor, you can amplify the power of a Master Spark. It's possible to attack with an immense blazing power to the front.

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