Spell Card Iku 1

SWR Iku Sc1

Swr sc iku 01

No. Iku 1: 電符「雷鼓弾」

Electric Sign "Thunder Drum Shot"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 1 —
Comment: 電流を球状に収束させ放射   ある程度進んだところで全方向に弾けさせて攻撃をする
Translation: Gathers up a sphere of electrical energy. After advancing for a moment, it bursts out in all directions.

Spell Card Iku 2

SWR Iku Sc2

Swr sc iku 02

No. Iku 2: 魚符「龍魚ドリル」

Fish Sign "Dragonfish Drill"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 3 —
Comment: 羽衣を螺旋状に腕に巻きつけ  大放電状態で敵を突く打撃スペル放電の範囲が広い上踏み込むため地上での射程距離が非常に広い
Translation: Coating the arm in a spiral of electricity, a spell that pierces the enemy with a huge discharge. The reach above and below are very high.

Spell Card Iku 3

SWR Iku Sc3

Swr sc iku 03

No. Iku 3: 雷符「エレキテルの龍宮」

Lightning Sign "Elekiter Dragon Palace"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 3 —
Comment: 上空から落雷を自分の上に誘導 周囲を守る電流のバリアとする
Translation: Summons a thunderbolt from directly above. Can be used as a protective barrier.

Spell Card Iku 4

SWR Iku Sc4

Swr sc iku 04

No. Iku 4: 光星「光龍の吐息」

Star Light "Light Dragon's Sigh"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 3 —
Comment: 頭上に電流を導き雷球を形成  触れた相手を感電させる対空技
Translation: Accumulates thunder directly overhead. An anti-air technique that delivers a powerful shock to anyone up above.

Spell Card Iku 5

SWR Iku Sc5

Swr sc iku 05

No. Iku 5: 雷魚「雷雲魚遊泳弾」 

Lightning Fish "Swimming Thunder Shot"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 2 —
Comment: 方向転換を繰り返す稲妻を発射 効果の続く間敵を足止めする  撃つだけで効果を期待できるが 威力は低い
Translation: Fires a lightning bolt that repeatedly changes direction. While the effect continues, enemy movement is restricted. You can use it by itself, but the power is low.

Spell Card Iku 6

SWR Iku Sc6

Swr sc iku 06

No. Iku 6: 羽衣「羽衣は空の如く」 

Angel's Raiment "Veils Like Sky"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 4 —
Comment: 周囲の気流で攻撃を受け流す技 ダッシュや大ジャンプに打撃を 回避する能力が付与され移動する衣玖を捉えるのが難しくなる  ペースを握るにはうってつけ
Translation: A technique that wards off enemy attacks. Grants the power to evade attacks while dashing or super jumping, making Iku very hard to catch. The perfect time to seize the initiative.

Spell Card Iku 7

SWR Iku Sc7

Swr sc iku 07

No. Iku 7: 棘符「雷雲棘魚」

Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 3 —
Comment: 電流を自身に導き帯電状態になり敵がこの状態の衣玖に触れると 電撃が襲い掛かる攻防一体の技 雷雲での生活の知恵である
Translation: A technique that combines attack and defense by surrounding Iku in an electrical field that shocks any enemy who touches it. The wisdom of living as a thundercloud.

Spell Card Iku 8

SWR Iku Sc8

Swr sc iku 08

No. Iku 8: 龍魚「龍宮の使い遊泳弾」

Dragonfish "Swimming Oarfish Shot"

Owner: Iku Nagae
Cost 5 —
Comment: 螺旋状の電流を羽衣から放つ  本体は無防備だが電流が防護壁の役目を果たし敵の行動を阻害する
Translation: Shoots electricity out in the shape of a spiral. Your actual body is defenseless, but the electricity takes a defensive role, inhibiting enemy action.

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