Spell Card Aya 1

SWR Aya Sc1

Swr sc aya 01

No. Aya 1: 旋符「紅葉扇風」

Whirl Sign "Maple Leaf Fan"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 3 —
Comment: 遥か上空まで届く竜巻を発射  飛距離は短いが巻き込んだ敵を 無防備に上空へ打ち上げる
Translation: Creates a tornado reaching to the skies. The distance is short, but the caught enemy will be helplessly drawn into the sky.

Spell Card Aya 2

SWR Aya Sc2

Swr sc aya 02

No. Aya 2: 竜巻「天孫降臨の道しるべ」

Tornado "Indication to the Divine"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 5 —
Comment: 自分自身を巨大な竜巻で包み込む威力が高く無敵時間も持つため 反撃や上空の敵への攻撃に強力
Translation: Wrap one's self up in a huge tornado. Power is huge and you're invincible, so it's a strong counterattack or attack against enemies in the air.

Spell Card Aya 3

SWR Aya Sc3

Swr sc aya 03

No. Aya 3: 逆風「人間禁制の道」

Headwind "Route Forbidden to Man"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 4 —
Comment: しばらくフィールドに風を起こし飛んでくる飛散物で敵を攻撃する風には敵を押す効果もあるため 画面端へ追い込む際にも有効
Translation: For a while, wind fills the field and flying objects will strike the enemy. Because it pushes the enemy, they can get herded into one corner of the screen.

Spell Card Aya 4

SWR Aya Sc4

Swr sc aya 04

No. Aya 4: 突符「天狗のマクロバースト」

Thrust Sign "Tengu's Macroburst"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 3 —
Comment: 空中専用のカードで、上空から 下方向に風圧弾を一斉発射   発射地点に近いほど弾が当たり 威力や削りが増大する
Translation: A card that can only be used in midair, fire a scatter of wind shots downwards. Closer to the point of firing, power increases.

Spell Card Aya 5

SWR Aya Sc5

Swr sc aya 05

No. Aya 5: 風符「天狗道の開風」 

Wind Sign "Wind of the Tengu Path"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 2 —
Comment: 団扇を横に一閃し手元から   旋風を射出するシンプルな射撃
Translation: With one horizontal flash of a fan, fire a simple cyclone.

Spell Card Aya 6

SWR Aya Sc6

Swr sc aya 06

No. Aya 6: 「幻想風靡」 

"Illusionary Dominance"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 5 —
Comment: 敵を体当たりで跳ね上げ    最大加速を付けた状態で何度も 追撃を行う超大技       左右に振って追撃高度を上げられ敵に高度を合わせると威力上昇
Translation: Knock the enemy upwards, then attack them repeatedly with the ultimate speed. Flying left and right, matching the enemy's altitude.

Spell Card Aya 7

SWR Aya Sc7

Swr sc aya 07

No. Aya 7: 魔獣「鎌鼬ベーリング」

Demonic Beast "Sickle Weasel Veiling"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 1 —
Comment: 周囲に風の鎧を纏う特殊なスペル鎧は文の移動に追従し接触だけで敵を攻撃することが出来る   地上、空中間の移動で消滅する
Translation: A unique spell that surrounds Aya with armor of wind, allowing her to attack simply by touching the enemy. Ends when moving between the ground and the sky.

Spell Card Aya 8

SWR Aya Sc8

Swr sc aya 08

No. Aya 8: 突風「猿田彦の先導」

Gust "Sarutahiko's Guidance"

Owner: Aya Shameimaru
Cost 2 —
Comment: 疾走風靡の純粋強化版スペル  風を利用した最大加速で敵へ突撃グレイズ属性はそのままに速度と威力が強化された
Translation: A stronger and purer version of Domination Dash. Using wind to achieve the maximum accerelation, charge at the enemy with a graze of increased speed and power.

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