Spell Card Alice 1

SWR Alice Sc1

SWR Alice Scu1

No. Alice 1: 魔符 「アーティフルサクリファイス」
Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 1 —
Comment: 魔力を込めた人形を投げ爆発  着弾が遅いため直撃は難しいが 消費に対し威力は高い
Translation: Throws magically-charged dolls that explode. Since they are slow, it's hard to land a direct hit, but the power is high for the cost.

Spell Card Alice 2

SWR Alice Sc2

SWR Alice Scu2

No. Alice 2: 戦符 「リトルレギオン」
War Sign "Little Legion"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 2 —
Comment: 人形が方陣を組んで敵を攻撃  方陣は時間で形を拡大していく 威力は控えめだが行動を制限する効果は高い
Translation: Assembles dolls into formation and has them attack. The formation spreads out over time. It's not very powerful, but it's useful in restricting the opponent's movements.

Spell Card Alice 3

SWR Alice Sc3

SWR Alice Scu3

No. Alice 3: 咒符 「上海人形」
Curse Sign "Shanghai Doll"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 2 —
Comment: 人形から高出力のレーザーを照射 射出が早い上射程も無限なため 一般的な射撃として使いやすい
Translation: Shoots a high-output laser from a doll. The delay is short and the range is infinite, so it can be used as a normal shot easily.

Spell Card Alice 4

SWR Alice Sc4

SWR Alice Scu4

No. Alice 4: 魔操 「リターンイナニメトネス」
Demonic Control "Return Inanimate"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 3 —
Comment: 強力な爆発を起こす人形を投擲 爆発、威力、着弾速度が増加した
Translation: Throws dolls capable of powerful explosions. Explosions, power, and speed are increased.

Spell Card Alice 5

SWR Alice Sc5

SWR Alice Scu5

No. Alice 5: 戦操 「ドールズウォー」
War Command "Dolls of War"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 3 —
Comment: 密度の高い人形の方陣を形成  方陣の中心に敵を捕らえれば威力拘束 時間で見返りが得られる
Translation: Creates a dense formation of dolls. If the opponent is trapped inside, they'll be stuck and will take great damage.

Spell Card Alice 6

SWR Alice Sc6

SWR Alice Scu6

No. Alice 6: 咒詛 「蓬莱人形」
Curse Sign "Hourai Doll"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 3 —
Comment: 複数の人形からレーザーを照射 前方広範囲をカバーでき高威力
Translation: Shoots lasers from multiple dolls. Covers a wide area in front with high power.

Spell Card Alice 7

SWR Alice Sc7

SWR Alice Scu7

No. Alice 7: 偵符 「シーカードールズ」
Spy Sign "Seeker Dolls"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 2 —
Comment: 上空に大量の人形を配置した後 レーザーの網を下方向に作り出す威力は当たり方次第で不安定だが敵を燻し出す効果は高い
Translation: Throws a great number of dolls into the air, which create a net of lasers below them. Its power is directional, so it's tricky, but it's a great way of smoking out the enemy.

Spell Card Alice 8

SWR Alice Sc8

SWR Alice Scu8

No. Alice 8: 紅符 「和蘭人形」
Crimson Sign "Holland Doll"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 4 —
Comment: 十字にレーザーを放つ人形を発射本体は投げてすぐに動けるので レーザーを盾に戦闘を有利に  進める一手として利用できる
Translation: Releases a doll that fires a cross-shaped laser. You can generally move right after throwing it, so you can use the laser as a shield to influence the battle to your advantage.

Spell Card Alice 9

SWR Alice Sc9

SWR Alice Scu9

No. Alice 9: 人形 「未来文楽」
Doll "Futuristic Puppet"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 3 —
Comment: 人形一つを精密操作するモード 人形は本体のようにキーで動き 攻撃や移動を素早く行える   第四ボタンで操作を中断可能
Translation: Lets you precisely control a single doll. It moves with arrow keys and response quickly to attack and movement commands. You can interrupt control with the D button.

Spell Card Alice 10

SWR Alice Sc10

SWR Alice Scu10

No. Alice 10: 注力 「トリップワイヤー」
Focus Power "Trip Wire"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Cost 2 —
Comment: 強射で設置済みの人形とその間の紐が発光して攻撃力を持つ   位置関係を上手く操れば痒い所に攻撃が届く便利な技
Translation: Fires a beam between you and a doll set with C. If you control their positions carefully, this can be an extremely useful attack that hits right where you want it to.

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