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Yukari wins Reimu

Yukari 貴方はお酒を呑むのに容れ物を呑む?
When you drink sake, do you swallow the cup?
Or, do you swallow the liquid inside it?

Yukari wins Marisa

Yukari 植物は根から毛細管現象で水を吸い上げる
Plants use capillary motion to suck water up from their roots.
Do your best to keep the plants that have lost their roots moist.

Yukari wins Sakuya

Yukari 時を止めても覆水盆に返らず
Even if you stop time, spilt milk can't be recovered.
Should you fill your cup with milk?

Yukari wins Alice

Yukari この間、不思議な犬の人形を拾ったわ
I've picked up an amazing toy dog recently.
Though it looks weird, its moves were quite real.

[Sony's AIBO]

Yukari wins Patchouli

Yukari 暫く、土の下に注意しなさい Watch the underground for a while.

[In the events to come, Patchouli is the first one to notice abnormalities from the underground.]

Yukari wins Youmu

Yukari 草木国土悉皆(しっかい)成仏
Every tree and blade of grass is as precious as the Buddha.
Unfortunately, this doesn't include humans.

Yukari wins Remilia

Yukari いつになったら、オオカミ男とフランケンが
Are Wolfman and Franken coming any time soon?

[A vampire, a werewolf, and a Frankenstein make up Kaibutsu-kun's entourage]

Yukari wins Yuyuko

Yukari 真夏の雪見酒って訳?
Snow-watching sake in the middle of summer?
You're so elegant anywhere you go.

Yukari wins herself

Yukari あら鏡の世界 Oh, the mirror world.
Yukari 鏡の世界は左右正反対だって?
The mirror world has reversed right and left?
But the up and down don't reverse even if I look from the side.
I should look into this closely....

Yukari wins Suika

Yukari あなたにお願い事が出来そうだけど…… Seems like you can do what I asked you to do, but....

Yukari wins Reisen

Yukari 地上にいればいずれ死ぬ
All things on the Earth must eventually die.
Do you really understand that?

[Reisen was originally from the Moon, where many things are eternal.]

Yukari wins Aya

Yukari 最近は紙資源が貴重じゃなくなったわね
Paper has become less valuable lately.
Perhaps the age of paper is already over.

[cf. Curiosities of Lotus Asia: Chapter 16]

Yukari wins Komachi

Yukari 死んだ後、何故河を渡ると思う?
Why do you think people cross the river after they die?
It's because water cycles itself.

[Symbolic reincarnation.]

Yukari wins Iku

Yukari 龍宮の使いは大きい物だと十尋以上にもなるらしいわ
They say that oarfish can grow to be over 18 meters long.
You're pretty tiny.

Yukari wins Tenshi

Yukari 投我以桃、報之以李
Throw me a peach, and I requite with a plum.
If you give me a peach, I can forgive you for taking a plum.

[The first line is from the Book of Odes, it means "to repay kindness with kindness". Yukari may be saying that she can forgive Tenshi for what she had done if Tenshi can redeem herself with a good deed.]

Yukari wins someone

Yukari 鈍感なのは困るわねぇ
Ah, the dull ...
The dull go through so much trouble, don't they?

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