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Alice wins Reimu

Alice 貴方ももっと自由に使役できる味方を増やした方が
Why don't you just get some allies that you can easily control?

Alice wins Marisa

Alice 少し部屋の片付けでもしたらどう?
How about doing a little cleaning?
If an earthquake comes, you might end up buried, you know?

Alice wins Sakuya

Alice 貴方の部下より私の部下の方が従順で優秀よ My underlings are more disciplined than yours.
Alice どう?



What do you think?
My knife-wielding dolls are

superb at cooking.
I hardly have to do a thing.

They're different from your useless maids.

Alice wins herself

Alice 何体まで同時に操っても大丈夫かしら? I wonder how many can I control at once?

Alice wins Patchouli

Alice 貴方は、地震が来たら真っ先に本の下敷きに
If an earthquake comes, it seems like you'll end up crushed under books right away.

Alice wins Youmu

Alice 躰と幽霊が繋がっている糸も人形を操る糸も同じ糸
The strings that attach the body and soul are the same as the ones that control dolls.
Both are strings of the heart that cannot be cut.

Alice wins Remilia

Alice 人形も貴方くらい機敏に動かせればいいんだけどねぇ It'd be nice if I could move the dolls as swiftly as you move...

Alice wins Yuyuko

Alice よく柳の下でぼーっと立っている亡霊って何?
What's that ghost doing standing under the willow?
A street vendor or something?

Alice wins Yukari

Alice 人形が何体か行方不明になったりするの
Some of the dolls have gone missing.
I wonder where they have gone?

Alice wins Suika

Alice 人形の巨大化!
Gigantic dolls!
I should look into this, since it should leave a big impact.

Alice wins Reisen

Alice 口がバッテンの兎の人形を見た事があるわ
I've seen a rabbit doll with a cross as its mouth.
Does that cross mean to tell the rabbit to shut up?


Alice wins Aya

Alice 鼻が伸びる人形の話って何でしたっけ?
What's that about a puppet that extends its nose?
I hear it has nothing to do with tengu.

[Tengu are known for their long noses, but they have nothing to do with Pinocchio, of course.]

Alice wins Komachi

Alice 身代わり人形ってあるでしょ?
Is there such thing as a human substitute doll?
Is a human soul that light a matter?

[Said doll is from Bleach.]

Alice wins Iku

Alice 地震が心配ですが……ま、この国にいる限り
Worrying about earthquakes, huh. Well, if you live in this country you should be mentally prepared for it anyway.

Alice wins Tenshi

Alice お雛様を桃の節句っていうけど、今の暦だと
They say the hina dolls' festival is in the peach season,
but by today's calendar peach the blossoms aren't out yet by then.

[Girls' Day continued to be called "peach festival" even after the Japanese calendar change, which moved it away from the peach blossom season.]

Alice wins someone

Alice もうすぐ地震が起こるかもしれない……
An earthquake may start any time soon....
I'm getting worried.
Alice 数は多いに越した事は無い
Nothing is better than strength in numbers.
Big things are combined small ones!

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