The game is played using the keyboard or gamepad.

Default keyboard controls are as follows:

  • Z: Whip. Your basic melee attack. Good range and damage. Unfortunately, you can't spin it. :(
  • Up+Z: Amulet. Your basic ranged attack. Weak damage. Costs 1 Soul to use.
  • X: Jump.
  • X (midair): Fly. You will fly until you press X again or take damage. After that, you can't fly again until you land. You cannot turn or use your whip while flying. Pressing Z during flight shoots amulets.
  • Down+X: Slide. Doesn't do any damage.
  • X during Sliding: Backflip.
  • C: Partner. Cost 10 Soul to use. You have two Partners to use through the course of the game:

Marisa: Joins at Stage 1 Boss fight. Shoots stars diagonally in front of you up and down. Reaches angles you can't reach normally. Stars explode on contact or after a few seconds. Deals mediocre damage. Good against swarms of enemies.

Cirno: Joins at Stage 2. Shoots a ball of ice, which explodes after about a second. High damage, if you can aim it right. Sometimes creates a bigger explosion. Good against bosses.

  • Down+C: Switch Partners.
  • Space: Pause.

Basic Gameplay

Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony plays similarly to traditional Castlevania games.

Gameplay is simple. Advance through the stage, kill enemies along the way, beat the boss, rinse and repeat.

Since 1.04, you are able to choose the difficulty. On Easy, you take less damage and deal about 150% damage compared to Normal. On Hard, you take more damage and you deal only 70% damage than usual.

Checkpoints are reached whenever you enter another segment of the stage. If you lose all your lives, it's Game Over. You can Retry at the beginning of the stage.

This game has a total of 8 stages. Extra Start is unlocked after clearing the game once.


You gain points by killing enemies and bosses, as well as collecting Spirits. After clearing a stage, you are awarded extra bonuses.

  • Time: The quicker you clear the stage, the bigger the bonus.
  • Soul: The more Souls you have remaining at the end of the stage, the bigger the bonus.
  • Life: The more life you have remaining at the end of the stage, the bigger the bonus.
  • No Miss Bonus: You gain 30,000 points for clearing a stage without dying.


  • Soul: Red orbs, usually found by destroying lighting (torches, candles, etc.) or enemies. Used in shooting Amulets or summoning your Partner.
  • Large Soul: Bigger red orbs. Worth 5 Spirits.
  • Dango: Heals 25% of your HP.
  • Rice Ball: Heals 50% of your HP.
  • Meat: Heals 100% of your HP.
  • Yukkuri: 1-Up.

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