All bosses follow a set pattern. It's important to learn how to deal with each move if you want to survive. Once they start to "charge up", they will unleash a more powerful attack, usually followed up immediately with more attacks. This is also the time when they are most vulnerable.

Stage 1: Cirno

As a Stage 1 Boss, Cirno is a cakewalk. The stage is big, but the incline can get you in tight spots if you're careless.

  • Cirno will shoot 3 icicles that fly straight forward. Unless you foolishly jump up to her height, it'll miss entirely.
  • Cirno will charge up, then use Perfect Freeze. She will shoot bullets in a circle around her, which freezes, then flies towards Reimu. Easy to dodge, unless you manage to trap yourself between Cirno and the bullets.

Stage 2: Hong Meiling

This stage is big as well. You can fly up high to dodge most attacks safely. Also note that in the ledge above the castle there's a pot containing 15 Souls.

  • Meiling will shoot kunai danmaku three times, which travels a short distance around her then back a long distance. She shoots in an X pattern, then in a +, then X again. She's most vulnerable during the second shot, but you can easily attack her safely by shortjumping.
  • Meiling will send two fairy guards above and below her, which charges towards you. She then immediately does a flying kick, leaving bullets behind her, which travels towards her direction diagonally. Either get behind them or fly up high if you don't feel like grazing between them.
  • Meiling will charge up, then unleash a rainbow of danmaku in all directions. Just place yourself between the line of bullets. It also travels slowly.

Stage 3: Sakuya Izayoi

This stage is rather small, and on the end each side contains two platforms, cramping the space in the corners.

  • Sakuya shoots knives in front of her. It covers a wide area, so even shortjumping too soon can get you hurt.
  • Sakuya throws knives diagonally in front of her. These knives bounce on the ceiling and wall. Try not to get yourself trapped in the corners when she uses this.
  • Sakuya will teleport, leaving a trail of knives along the way towards you. It's got a wide spread, so just go behind them if possible.
  • Sakuya will charge up, then unleash a danmaku of knives. It's similar to Meiling's, except the knives going directly horizontally travels very fast.

Stage 4: Alice Margatroid

Alice's attacks relies on her dolls (of course). The dolls are fortunately not durable, so a whip or a partner attack will wipe them out in one hit. Against Alice, it's better to use Marisa rather than Cirno. Cirno is an OK choice too, but Marisa makes it easier to destroy her dolls. The ceiling is low on each sides of the stage, and it is possible to get trapped.

  • Alice will start out with one doll. Destroy this one immediately.
  • Alice summons two dolls. The dolls will shoot about 3 pellets towards Reimu.
  • Alice summons six dolls, then shoots pellets towards Reimu as well.
  • Alice charges up, and summons six special dolls. These dolls shoots high-speed danmaku in a cross, similar to Meiling. They're also a little more durable than regular dolls. When these come up, crouch and summon Marisa to dispose of them.

Stage 5: Suika Ibuki

This stage is huge. However, Suika's attacks don't make it easy to dodge simply by flying up.

  • Suika shoots bullets all around her, which explode after a bit. Very painful!
  • Suika slings her ball n' chain and shoots bullets in a circle pattern counterclockwise (in respect to Suika's direction). As the ball returns, it'll leave a gap under her, but only for a short time.
  • Suika slings her ball n' chain again, this time shooting bullets all around it. You can try grazing between the bullets if you feel brave enough.
  • Suika charges up, then grows in size. She is invulnerable during this state. While giant, she will shoot bullets that explode into even more exploding bullets. Very, very painful! To make sure you don't get trapped, fly up high so she will aim high, allowing you to slide under them. She'll do this twice, then return to normal.

Stage 6: Patchouli Knowledge

A smaller stage, about the same stage as Sakuya's, but it's mostly rectangular and there aren't any obstructive obstacles.

  • Patchouli summons 3 books in a triangular pattern. Timing Cirno's shot will destroy the books quickly. She then shoots a wave of fireballs. If you cannot dodge this, get hit by the book's projectiles, and abuse your invincibility frame to dodge it.
  • Patchouli summons 3 books again, then shoots 3 homing bullets. These decelerate slowly, so get some distance between you and Patchouli, and dodge over them. They'll likely not come back to haunt you if you were far enough.
  • Patchouli charges up, and unleashes Philosopher's Stone. She summons five magic symbols that shoot all around it. Not only are they rather hard to dodge, they also deal a lot of damage. Just do your best to dodge it.

Patchouli has low HP and leaves herself open very frequently with little movement, so a strategy you can use it to abuse invincibility frames by getting hit by the book's projectiles and whip her as much as you can. If you do it well enough, you only have to face Philosopher's Stone once (on Normal).

Stage 7: Sakuya Izayoi Part 2

This stage is like back in Stage 3, with a bigger ceiling.

  • Sakuya will shoot knives in front of her, as well as a few bouncing knives. The vertical hitbox is even bigger than last time.
  • Sakuya throws a spinning blade in front of her, and teleports twice, leaving trails of knives. If she does this back an forth one direction and back, she'll end up approximately under where she began teleporting.
  • Sakuya charges up, disappears, and surrounds you with blades. She then reappears shortly after. This does not surround you completely, and you can get out of it easily by flying up towards the ceiling. Stay stationary on the ground before she uses this. Otherwise, it makes it even harder to dodge.

Stage 8a: Remilia Scarlet

This stage is only a screen big, but you have plenty of room to dodge.

  • Remilia's wings will grow, then shoot rings all around in front of her. The rings leave a trail of smaller bullets, making dodging it head on even harder. Fortunately, it's slow and predictable, so go behind her when she does this.
  • Remilia shoots a set of beams in a hexagonal direction around her. The beams will leave a line before firing. The easiest place to dodge this is under her, in front of her.
  • Remilia does her wing attack again.
  • Remilia shoots rings directly towards Reimu five times. It's easier to dodge this when you're closer (but not too close) to her.
  • Remilia shoots rings all around her. The rings leave a trail of even more bullets, so you can't dodge this by standing still. As the bullets generate, it will leave a small gap for you to jump between them.
  • Remilia charges up, then unleashes Gungnir in front of her. The Gungnir also shoots beams in a wide arc.
  • Remilia shoots Gungnir twice, this time upper and lower.

Stage 8b: Team Scarlet Devil Mansion

In a desperate move, Remilia orders her servants to attack you while she recuperates! The fiend!

Each boss has much less health. During each fight, the stage will spawn two pots. The pot on the right contains 15 Souls, while the pot on the left contains a Dango.

  • First up is Meiling. This time, she will shoot her kunai danmaku in all 8 directions. She will also follow up her flying with with another flying kick. Meiling's rainbow danmaku will cover a larger radius.
  • Second is Patchouli. This time, she summons 6 books. She will also shoot more fireballs and homing bullets. Her Philosopher's Stone will shoot all bullets at once this time. This is actually easier to dodge. With her even lower HP, you can defeat her before she can even use Philosopher's Stone. In her first cycle, her first two tome attacks can be dodged by crouching in the bottom right hand corner and then eventually sliding when she attacks you more directly.
  • Third is Sakuya. She shoots even more knives in an even bigger vertical radius. She also shoots even more bouncing knives. When Sakuya charges up, she will surround you left or right with blades twice. Move quickly to avoid this.

Stage 8c: Remilia Scarlet Part 2

Finally, the real final battle! You will fight under the Scarlet Moon, with zero obstructions.

  • Remilia teleports into a beam of bats (like a certain Count), and reappears back in where Reimu was standing when she uses this. She immediately follows up with her wing attack.
  • Remilia fires beams in a cross, which covers also all around her, then in a diagonal cross in the same fashion again. She does leave a wider gap for each attack, but your best bet to dodge this is to stay far away. This does a ton of damage, so learn to dodge this!
  • Remilia fires 5 rings towards you then around her.
  • Remilia charges up, and unleashes Gungnir in both directions. It also leaves a weave of beams. As with beams, stay far as say between each beams. And don't get hit by Gungnir!

Stage EX Midboss: Rumia

Out of nowhere, it's Rumia. Her stage is the same as Cirno's, except with a smaller ceiling.

  • Rumia fires rays in a small spread. You can easily dodge this by getting behind her. She will do this 2-3 times.
  • Rumia fires in a circle around her, which spread out all her. She'll do this 3 times.
  • Rumia charges up, and fires in all directions. The bullets get dense in one part then another. You'll most likely be trapped while doing this. If you don't want to get hit by her follow-up attack, then dodge this by staying in the ground. She'll also take a long time to attack you again.

Stage EX: Team Scarlet Devil Mansion (Again)

This is similar to the second part of Stage 8, but with a few differences, especially the stages. They also have their standard amount of HP.

  • Meiling is the same. The stage does make it easier to dodge her flying kick bullets.
  • Sakuya, to compensate for the larger stage, surrounds you halfway with blades 3 times. Stay on one side then run towards the other. The distance between each arc is limited.
  • You won't be able to slay Patchouli as easily as you did before, so you'll have to face Philosopher's Stone at least once. Fortunately, it is a little easier to dodge this version.

Stage EX: Flandre Scarlet

Yeah, good luck.

  • Flandre starts off by firing a colorful spiral of danmaku around her. It expands quickly, then spirals towards the center.
  • Flandre then fires spiraling blue rings in front of her. When she uses this, you'll most likely just drop before you can get hit by it.
  • Flandre unleashes her Cranberry Trap, then disappears. The trick is that the vertical bullets always have the same amount of space between each of them. The horizontal bullets have varying gaps, so you need to dodge upwards and downwards. Fly between each wave of bullets. If you do get hit, you'll likely have a hard time recuperating. This happens about 4 times. After that, Flandre will reappear back in the exact same spot. Make sure you stay close to her.
  • The reason for that is because her next attack will kill you if you don't dodge it. Flandre flies towards the side, shooting a wide wave of danmaku in front of her. To successfully dodge this, you must fly above towards her. Flandre also flies downwards, and the danmaku leaves some space above her, and that's where you'll be safe. If she starts this attack when she's up high but not high enough so you can crouch under the attack, then you're most likely screwed.
  • Flandre shoots a colorful spiral, summons two clones, then fires spiraling blue rings. The clones fire rings straight towards you. They also fly straight towards where you were.
  • Flandre charges, then unleashes Laevatein twice. She shoots beams in a semi-circle in front of her. That means you need to stay far away. Her clones make it harder to dodge this, so you need to manipulate the clone's direction to make it easier to dodge this. Stay in the upper corner, then after her first Laevatein, fly low. You'll get some distance between the clones as well as being in a safe distance enough to not get hit by the beams.
  • Flandre will use Laevatein twice again. During this stage, her clones will be gone. However, she'll also close in on you. She leaves an safe spot under and behind her in her first attack. Her second attack will leave an open space behind and above her, but you won't be able to reach there because you'll run into one of her beams. So it's best to dodge between the beams for the second time.

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