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Subterranean Animism - おまけ.txt

Satori_Komeiji SA
Stage 4 Boss The Girl Even the Evil Spirits Fear

Satori Komeiji

Race: Satori
Ability: Power to read people's hearts

The master of the Earth Spirit Palace.

The underground city was separated from Hell, but a number of uncontrollable spirits remained in the former facilities of Hell, so there was a need to control them.

The Earth Spirit Palace is built above what was the Hell of Blazing Fires, and this is where she took up residence. Since she can read others' hearts, all sorts of youkai and spirits fear her, so eventually people stopped visiting the Earth Spirit Palace.

On the other hand, her power makes her well-loved by animals that don't speak, so eventually the premises began to overflow with many pets, starting with blaze cats and hell ravens.

Her great number of pets made it difficult to manage the Hell of Blazing Fires, so she entrusted parts of its management to some of her pets.

Her pets would oversee other pets.
Her pets would tend the gardens.
Her pets would play with her younger sister.

However, what shouldn't have happened did: a human came from above ground, and she was surprised when they started asking about evil spirits and a geyser.

Satori left Orin in charge of the evil spirits and Utsuho in charge of the Hell of Blazing Fires. They were both loyal to Satori, so they shouldn't have done any harm. She believed there was no way they'd start some sort of incident.

She thought that perhaps the human before her was spouting off lies and trying to trick her, so she read her heart and was surprised again by what she saw.

There was almost nothing to be seen inside the humans' hearts about the evil spirits or the geysers. Suspicious, Satori decided to test them.