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Satori in Fan Culture

  • Because of how her hands are coming out of her sleeves only at her waist in her portrait, some fans believe that Satori has really short arms, and often draw her with such.
  • A common nickname for Satori is 「さとりん」 or "Satorin," similar to how Yukari is called "Yukarin."
  • Since her ability enables her to read minds, and due to the similarity of her "third eye" badge to Backbeard of "You damned dirty lolicon!" fame, a growing joke among fan artists depicts Satori as cognizant of (and disgusted by) lolicon.
  • In some fanworks, Satori is sometimes illustrated with Remilia Scarlet, because both are older sisters and weaker than their younger sisters.
  • Satori has been viewed as a sort of "ultimate troll" due to her powerful mind-reading abilities. For example, she would be predicting (correctly) every move made by an opponent in a hypothetical card game made up by a fan.
  • She has also been thought of as being weak against Cirno, being that while Satori can read minds, Cirno doesn't have one being that she's viewed as very stupid.
  • Satori's third eye is frequently portrayed in fan works as if it has a mind of its own, reflected by expressions that do not match Komeiji's facial expressions and body language.
  • In some fanworks, Satori is sometimes paired along Haruka Kotoura from the anime and manga series Kotoura-san, being both girls able to read minds and being rejected by their peers, not to mention having similar design.
  • In the Danmakufu community, Satori is usually the boss in recollection scripts.
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