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Mountain of Faith

A Human of the Wind Deified

Sanae Kotiya

Species: Human
Occupation: Wind Priestess
Special Ability: Power to cause miracles to occur.

A human privy to secrets handed down through the generations.
She has a very straightforward personality, so she has a lot of confidence in her own abilities.
Sometimes, perhaps a bit too much confidence.

Wind Priestesses were originally a devotees of the wind god, but as they used their secret abilities to create miracles such as summoning the wind and rain, the people around them began to believe in these humans with mysterious abilities.

In short, over time, people began to mistake the miracles caused by the wind god as being caused by them.

In addition, as keepers of secrets, they began to accrue faith and be treated as gods, even though they were humans. They became living gods.

When she was young, Sanae had mastered the secrets to call upon miracles that had been passed down through her family. A young girl that could call upon the power of miracles would certainly collect great amounts of faith --- one would expect.

However, the outside world had changed a great deal. Faith in even gods with many divine virtues had been decreasing rapidly. There were few who would worship even a living god who had attained divinity during their life as a human.

Though she didn't really have much faith, Sanae was able to live as a normal human without any real problems, but this would not do for the god she worshipped, Kanako.

When people lose faith in gods, the gods lose their power. They can't manifest their divine virtues. This is the same as death, for a god.

Kanako came to a decision. There were limits to the amount of faith that could come from humans. From now on, she would have to also look to youkai as a source of her faith.

Sanae was surprised to hear the details of her plan: a world called "Gensokyo" has existed within our nation since time immemorial. It is said that this world still exists, hidden. Gensokyo has collected a number of things that have become lost - or, become fantasy - in the outside world. One could say that even people's faith in gods is in the process of moving to Gensokyo.
And so, Kanako decided to move her shrine into Gensokyo. She would say farewell to the world of humans.

Sanae was afraid of leaving the world of humans, but as a person with the power to call on miracles, the anticipation she felt for going to a world of miracles outweighed her terror.

She did not take the humans of Gensokyo seriously. She thought that if they threatened the only shrine in Gensokyo, the Hakurei Shrine, Gensokyo itself would submit to their every wish. She went to deliver her ominous message to Reimu, and then was in turn defeated.

The humans who lived in Gensokyo were more troublesome than she'd imagined, and in time she learned of the power they held, as well.

Here, she was nothing special.
She realized she had gone from being a god incarnate to just a normal human being.
All she could do now was to live a normal, peaceful life as a human of Gensokyo.

Undefined Fantastic Object

The Newbie Goddess of the Mountain

Sanae Kotiya

Species: Human
Ability: Power to cause miracles

The Shrine Maiden living in Moriya Shrine in Youkai Mountain. She is not used to youkai hunting.

She wishes to talk to humans more, because she lives with gods and youkai, but most of humans living around the foot of the mountain are youkai-like humans. She is worried about becoming like them. As may be expected of a living god, she is as strong as youkai, but she is also somewhat innocent.

She tries to do something like youkai hunting on Kanako's recommendation, and... she makes an effort to get used to Gensokyo.

Unthinkable Natural Law

Human of the Worshipped Wind

Kotiya Sanae

It had already been two years since she came to Gensokyo. At first, she was so frightened by the bizarre monsters that she simply couldn't perform the rituals of a shrine maiden, but now she had become familiar with them, and carried out her daily jobs without any discomfort.

She thought that she wouldn't be surprised by some things any more. Of course, thinking like that in Gensokyo ensures that you will be surprised. That is Gensokyo's strong point, not present in the outside world.

She saw the huge figure from the Moriya Shrine. The figure was far bigger than the shrine. She guessed that, to use a classical comparison, it was about as big as a ten-story building.

The figure seemed to her like a giant robot from some old anime she had watched.

But its movements were too smooth to be a robot's. The figure moved as if it were alive, occasionally overlooking the mountain, occasionally shooting a glare at the village. Then, it was suddenly shrouded in mist, and disappeared with an uncanny silence.

When she reported it to Kanako, she told her it was the "Brocken specter." The Brocken specter is a meteorological phenomenon caused by a reflection of your own shadow on mist that seems to the observer to be a giant.

In reality, be it a meteorological phenomenon or something else, thinking like that wasn't interesting. So she decided to think of that shadow as a giant robot attacking the village. Because that would make thinking about it more fun.

That's right, that definitely wasn't a shadow reflected in mist. After all, the mist hadn't appeared until after the figure was already there. More than anything, though, because this was a place where nothing was too strange to happen: Gensokyo.

Ten Desires

Shrine Maiden of Selfish Desires

Kotiya Sanae

It had already been two years since she came to Gensokyo. At first, she was so frightened by the bizarre monsters that she simply couldn't perform the rituals of a shrine maiden, but now she had become familiar with them, and carried out her daily jobs without any discomfort.

No matter what they are, they're profitable! People's desires create the best profits. Faith comes from desires.

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom - trial omake.txt

Mountain-Dwelling Living God of Miracles

Sanae Kochiya

Species: Human
Ability: Causing miracles

The Shrine Maiden living in the shrine on the mountain.

She realized that there was some kind of incident occurring on the Youkai Mountain.
However, perhaps because the youkai hadn't noticed anything yet, nobody reacted to what was going on.
Feeling a sense of unease, she went to consult with Reimu.

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