Gameplay is identical to the first one. You play as Sanae Kochiya and you go around defeating Kedamas and sealing/purifying their spawns. The main difference is that this time:

  • Sanae will have the aide of Utsuho Reiuji.
  • There is a limit in jumps.
  • Spawns no longer appear in random locations.
  • There is a boss at the end of each stage.
  • (I think) there are less stages, so the "difficulty" progresses faster.


Controls can be configured in-game. It shows numbers instead of letters, even with keyboard.


  • 1/Z:Attack. Shoot Sanae-Stars that arc down. Holding the button allows Sanae to 'strafe'.
  • 2/X:Jump. Hold longer for higher jumps. Limit is 3 *IMPORTANT*
  • 3/C:Order. For giving Okuu orders. Hold to bring up the little menu, use arrows to switch between orders, release button to issue the order.
  • 4/V:Text. Continues/Speeds up text


  • Down + Attack: Creates a vortex of wind that pulls in nearby Kedamas. Kedamas can then be thrown by releasing Attack button; directional input affects launching angle. If close enough to a spawn, Sanae will begin sealing it instead.
  • Down + Jump: Creates a platform of wind that suspends Sanae in the air. Allows her to walk in the air at the same altitude. Jump or Down+Jump again to cancel(cannot jump if already at limit).
  • Attack + Jump: Initiates "GOD HARUHI" mode. Sanae will be invincible and gain a massive shooting bonus. Requires at least 100% faith and uses up 100% when finished. Cannot seal spawns, but purifying Kedamas nets alot of points and faith. Lasts 10~15 seconds. Limit once per run.


Your adorable, nuclear fusion-powered, neighborhood Sun. Okuu is intangible and will float around the same distance above Sanae while following her around, like a familiar. She will do a horizontal dive kick if any enemies are within her horizontal proximity. She can be given the following commands:

  • Attack: Okuu will get into firing position and shoot a giant sphere of energy from her control rod. A little slow start-up, but quite powerful and useful for clearing out corridors from a distance or in boss fights.
  • Barrier: Okuu creates a large barrier that repels enemies. Hits at a constant rate and lasts about 8~10 seconds. Useful if completely surrounded. Invincibility frames on start-up and before barrier forms.
  • Flight: Ride on Okuu. You can move in any directly and shoot. Lasts about 8~10 seconds and ends early if hit. Few invincibility frames while mounting.
    • Rocket Dive: Pressing Jump while flying will cause Okuu to initiate her Rocket Dive. Input direction affects launching angle. Automatically stops after a certain distance or if you hit a wall. Invincible while diving and finishes with a small blast.
  • Fusion A.K.A. 「Abyss Nova」: Okuu begins gathering energy and absorbs all of the dark cloud thingies while a timer counts down from 9. You will have to purify her(about 4~5 seconds) like with a seal, or she will EXPLODE(Game Over). There is no escape from the blast and you cannot go into GOD HARUHI mode. The more dark clouds you gather, the higher the faith% and score bonus. Easily gain +100 faith% if used on Lap 5~7.

Commands are locked out after use. After approximately 30 seconds, Okuu will give a signal that she is ready.

  • Down + Order: Barrier
  • Up + Order: Flight
Spawn points hit with any of Okuu's attacks will "level up" and spawn more Kedamas. A level 3 spawn yields more faith% and score when sealed.

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