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This is a two-player turn-based dueling card game. Each player starts out by choosing four characters (repeats are allowed), and designates one as the leader. Your leader has an initial health point(体力-HP), border value(決死判定-BV) and evasion value(回避-EV), which will be used throughout the match, as well as some special abilities. Your starting spell point (SP) is zero. The other characters are to allow you access to other cards; the character requirements can be seen at the top of each card.

After you've picked your team, you get to choose 40 cards (duplicates are allowed up to a total of three) that comprise your deck. Obviously you will pick cards that you can actually use.

You will keep track of your HP and SP using counters. The game ends when one person's leader's HP drops to zero or when his or her deck has been depleted.

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