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Subterranean Animism - おまけ.txt

Stage 5 Boss Hell's Traffic Accident

Rin Kaenbyou (nickname:Orin)

Species: Kasha
Ability: Power to carry off corpses

Her real name is Rin Kaenbyou.
She doesn't like long names, though, so she has everyone call her Orin.

A cat that lives among the flames, and Satori's pet. Since she's well-spoken and can converse freely with corpses and spirits, she was left in charge of controlling the spirits in what was once the Hell of Blazing Fires.

She has an old friend named Reiuji Utsuho. They've been close friends since before the time Satori began taking care of her, that is, the time when the underground separated from Hell.

One day, she felt a disturbance in what was left of the Hell of Blazing Fires.
The flames were much stronger than usual.

Regulating the flames was Utsuho's job. Orin went to visit Utsuho and was surprised by what she found.
She had discovered a frighteningly strong power, or had been given it by someone.

Since then, Utsuho began to grow stronger, and to seek out power.
Eventually, she started talking about conquering the above ground and turning it into a scorching hell.

There's no way she should have been able to do that. There's no way Satori would allow it.
If anybody underground found out about this plan, the oni would probably take care of Utsuho.
Amazed by the transformation her friend had undergone, Orin began to delve into a forbidden art.

That forbidden art was how to drive the evil spirits above ground. If she could force some sort of incident with the youkai above ground, something would surely change.
She was trying to get the youkai above ground to help her, but what finally appeared before her was a human from above ground.

That human was unexpectedly strong, and what is more, she specialized in youkai extermination.
If she's really that strong, Orin thought, she might be able to deal with Utsuho.

Everything would have turned out fine if Orin had just gone to Satori in the first place, but she thought it would be better if she tried to hide what Utsuho was doing. If Satori had found out about Utsuho's plan, she thought, she'd waste no time dealing with Utsuho in a ruthless fashion. Of course, that wasn't true, but just as children are afraid of their parents finding out their secrets, Orin was afraid of Satori finding out about hers. Orin was somewhat in awe of Satori.

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