This is a way to keep track of comics on the Magic Archive Voile image board or any other source, that could be translated, edited or moved here.


This section contains comics awaiting translation. Untranslated stuff may or may not be uploaded in the wiki already.

Doujin Works

Anthology Works

Official Works

For those works written or sponsored by ZUN.


This section contains the comics that have been translated but have not yet been edited. New editors should look through the tutorials first. Please bump the thread you wish to work on.


For those that editors have called dibs on or have queued.

Available - Easy~Normal

Fairly easy to standard editing level.

Available - Hard~Lunatic

Fairly difficult editing level.

In progress

This section is for periodically appearing (i.e. web) comics or comics the editing and/or translation of which is in progress. Edits must be posted to be in this section.


This section contains doujins that have been partly translated and edited but haven't been worked on in a while, or cannot be continued due to lack of sources. Think of it as a comic Limbo.

Final Checks

Comics that have been translated and edited and are being checked for any changes by the translator and/or editor. Remove the doujins once they're archived. (Quality inspection.)

Finished but not archived

Comics that have been translated and edited by independent groups but not archived on Wikia. Always open for archiving, re-translating or re-editing.


This is here as a reminder of what has been archived, needs to be uploaded into the gallery, and will be announced in Gaku's next update.
Gaku-able comics will have a link to the wiki entry. Literary releases for CoLA and CiLR can be included here.
Note: Don't forget to make a link in the Comics by Release section and bump the appropriate thread as they are uploaded into the gallery.

Clean Up

This is where threads that need to be cleaned up from board are to be posted. Either completed projects or threads that do not have a complete set of pages. Exempt are ongoing webcomics. The list will be forwarded to the administrator to handle.

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