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Sakuya wins Reimu

Sakuya 霊夢でも今回の花の行方は掴めてないのね。
Even Reimu doesn't know where the cherry blossoms are going, this is dangerous.
Sakuya 異変が広範囲すぎて犯人も目的も判らないわ。
The scope of the incident is so broad that I can't figure out the perpetrator's intention.
Who would benefit from this incident?
Sakuya 気がついている?

Have you noticed?

The shrine's cherry blossoms have bloomed thrice already.
They scatter and bloom, then scatter and bloom again....

Sakuya wins Marisa

Sakuya 貴方が動くと花が散るわ。
When you move, cherry blossoms scatter. Could you not walk a little more gracefully?
Sakuya ほら、帽子の上が花びら模様になっているわよ Look, there are petals on your hat.
Sakuya 気になっていたんだけど……

I was concerned, but...

There aren't many changes in the forest. Perhaps I should pursue the perpetrator along this route?

Sakuya wins herself

Sakuya 時止めの練習はこの位にしましょう You should practice stopping time at this level.

Sakuya wins Youmu

Sakuya 貴方は、貴方のお嬢様から命令されて? Do you get orders from your mistress?
Sakuya 幽霊は暢気で良いわよね。
It's nice that ghosts are so carefree.
They don't seem to be thinking about anything.

Sakuya wins Reisen

Sakuya この間の月の兎がついた餅は、
The mochi that the moon rabbit made
was just normal mochi, wasn't it.
Sakuya そう、あれからちょくちょく月に行く努力をし

Yeah, ever since then we've been trying hard to reach the moon but....

isn't there a good way to do that?

Sakuya wins Cirno

Sakuya 蛙より貴方の方が強いと思ったら間違いよ。
It's wrong to think you are stronger than frogs.
Because fairies are of the lowest rank.
Sakuya 湖の上で遊ぶのは嫌なのよねぇ。
I hate playing above the lake.
It's such a hassle to retrieve my knives.

Sakuya wins Lyrica

Sakuya あら今日は一人?
My, you're alone today?
Are you lost?

Sakuya wins Merlin

Sakuya トランペットには余り馴染みがないのですよ。
I'm not really familiar with trumpets.
But, are they silver?

Sakuya wins Lunasa

Sakuya うちにもヴァイオリンがありますが、
We have a violin at home, too.
Though it's only for decoration.

Sakuya wins Mystia

Sakuya 鳥の鳴き声と貴方の歌。
If I had to say which was better, a bird's song or your song, well...
Sakuya 貴方は不思議な歌を歌うのね。 You sing unusual songs.

Sakuya wins Tewi

Sakuya この間見つけた人参が珍しい人参でね。
The carrot I found the other day was a rare one.
When I uprooted it, it let out a sad cry.
Sakuya やっぱり高麗人参なんかも食べるのかしら? I wonder if you can eat ginseng carrots as well?

Sakuya wins Aya

Sakuya 新聞なんてあったんですね。
So there was a newspaper running here after all!
But there isn't much to report about in such a peaceful place.

Sakuya wins Medicine

Sakuya 一人で暇してるのなら、家に薬売りに来ない?
If you're killing time alone, why don't you come sell medicine at my place?
We don't have a pharmacy that specializes in poison around here anyways.

Sakuya wins Yuka

Sakuya 向日葵の種をいただけるかしら? 大量に。
Do you think I could get sunflower seeds from you? In bulk.
Their oil is very useful.

Sakuya wins Komachi

Sakuya 死神にお金取られても、こんな風にばらまかれ
Even if one's money is taken by a shinigami, in a way they're just giving it to you freely.
Sakuya 自殺を阻止するためにそんな攻撃をして……

Suicide prevention by such attacks....

What's the point of that?

Sakuya wins Sikieiki

Sakuya 罪に時効っておかしな話ですけど、
A statute of limitations for a crime is a ridiculous thing to talk of, but I wonder if there is such a statute in your trials?

Sakuya wins someone

Sakuya 余り花の香りを嗅ぎすぎても良くないわね It's not good if the smell of flowers is too strong.
Sakuya 花粉に弱い人間がいるって、風の噂で聞いた事
I heard a rumor in the wind about humans weak to pollen. Maybe it's untrue.

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