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Mystia wins Reimu

Mystia 巫女巫女レイムッ
Miko Miko Reimu!
Miko Miko Reimu~♪
[Miko Miko Nurse]
Mystia 神社は赤色、外れ者~♪
Shrine's red, outsider~♪
The night is falling~still falling~♪

Mystia wins Marisa

Mystia 黒い人間、何故黒い~♪
おっなかかなぁ? おっなかだねぇ♪
On this black human, what is black~♪
Could it be her heart? It's her heart♪
Mystia あっかるーい、なっしょなー♪
Bright, nationa-♪
The light of the earth, the light of the laser~♪
[Old CM song of National, Japanese domestic brand of Panasonic.]

Mystia wins Sakuya

Mystia メイドといえばメイドさん~
You say Maid and I say Miss Maid
I call her Maid for short~♪
Mystia おなかが空いたらメイドさん~♪
When I'm hungry I call for Miss Maid~♪
I call her Maid for short~♪

Mystia wins Youmu

Mystia もういーくつ寝るとーおそうしーきー♪ How long have you already been sleeping, it's a funeral♪
[Japanese folk song "Oshougatsu(New Year's Day)"]

Mystia wins Reisen

Mystia かーごめかごめ。
Ka-gome, Kagome.
Smuggling yourself inside a cage♪
[Kagome, Kagome]

Mystia wins Cirno

Mystia 妖精はお呼びでない I'm not calling for a fairy.
Mystia あんたに聞かせる歌は無いわ~ I don't have a song for you to listen to~

Mystia wins Lyrica

Mystia ソーレイがお空でソーラーレイ♪ The soleil gives out solar rays in the sky♪

Mystia wins Merlin


Mystia wins Lunasa


Mystia wins herself

Mystia 今日はユニゾン記念日よ~ Today is a holiday of unison~

Mystia wins Tewi

Mystia タラッタ、ラッタラッタ
Taratta, rattaratta
The retreating form of a rabbit with grief in the air-♪
[Usagi no Dance, lyrics by Ujo Noguchi]

Mystia wins Aya

Mystia しんぶんし~♪
If you read it backwards, that's our philsophical Miss Aya for you!

Mystia wins Medicine

Mystia 人形一家だ、スーズランラン♪ It's the doll family, Su-zuranran♪
[OP theme of anime "Tensai Bakabon"]

Mystia wins Yuka

Mystia お日様おやすみ向日葵回る~♪
Goodnight Mr. Sun, the sunflowers are turning~♪
They're day labourers and the sun is setting~♪

Mystia wins Komachi

Mystia さんんずのぉーわーたあし~♪ I of Sanzu~♪
[Takashi Hosokawa's song "Yagiri no Watashi"]

Mystia wins Sikieiki


Mystia wins someone

Mystia 私の歌で惑わない人間は居ないわ! There's no human I can't lure with my song!
Mystia 歌い手は喉が命
The throat of a singer is their life, but you're fatal.

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