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Merlin wins Reimu

Merlin 私の演奏を聴けば、巫女だってほら。
Listen up if you can hear my performance, even if you're a shrine maiden!
It's cheerful like this!

Merlin wins Marisa

Merlin トランペットから出るのはレーザーじゃ無くて
What comes out of a trumpet isn't a laser but a happy sound.

Merlin wins Sakuya

Merlin さあ、陰湿なメイド人もどんどんと幸せになる
Hey, it'd be great if the devious maid could steadily get happier~.

Merlin wins Youmu

Merlin 私のソロ演奏なら、あの真面目な半幽霊だって
Listen to my solo performance, even if you're that serious half-ghost.
Here, it goes like this!

Merlin wins Reisen

Merlin さあ、そのハイテンションで餅つきでも
Hey, let's start pounding mochi with this high tension!

Merlin wins Cirno

Merlin いつも陽気な妖精だってほら!
Listen, even if you're a fairy who's always merry!
You're always happy, so you won't change.

Merlin wins Lyrica

Merlin どう? リリカの幻想の音じゃ。
How is this? Lyrica's illusory sound.
Did you not expect it to go with my noisy sound?

Merlin wins herself

Merlin 二人には悪いけど、やっぱり私の音が一番よね It was bad for the two of us, but of course my sound is best.

Merlin wins Lunasa

Merlin ほら、そんな憂鬱な曲じゃ駄目よ!
Hey, a depressing song like that is no good!
Now I'm best.

Merlin wins Mystia

Merlin さあ! じゃんじゃん歌っちゃってー! Come! Sing nonstop!

Merlin wins Tewi

Merlin さあさあ兎のダンス、踊っちゃいましょう! Come now, let's dance the rabbit dance!

Merlin wins Aya

Merlin 新聞なんて、空中からばらまいてしまいま
しょう! 配るのが楽よー。
Let's scatter newspapers from the sky! Delivering the paper is a piece of cake.

Merlin wins Medicine

Merlin ハッピーになる毒だってあるのよね!
There are poisons to make you happy, too!
Come now, use them steadily.

Merlin wins Yuka

Merlin 向日葵は陽気に咲かないとね!
Sunflowers have to bloom in happiness!
With the sunflower effect they'll get brighter and brighter.

Merlin wins Komachi

Merlin じゃんじゃん河を渡させましょ!
Let's cross the river nonstop!
We'll even sing a merry boatman's song!

Merlin wins Sikieiki

Merlin いいじゃない。少しくらい恩赦があっても!
Isn't this great. You even provided a little amnesty! This year the flowers are blooming like this.

Merlin wins someone

Merlin さあ、私の演奏を聴いてハッピーになろう! Hey, if you listen to my performance you'll be happy!
Merlin どんな時も、ハッピーの魂を忘れちゃいけ
No matter what the situation, never forget your happy soul!

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