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Medicine wins Reimu

Medicine お酒の飲み過ぎは体に毒よ。 Sake is poison for the body if you drink too much.

Medicine wins Marisa

Medicine 見た目が変な茸は、大抵毒なんだから。
Strange-looking mushrooms are usually poisonous.
So you'd better not eat them, thinking that it's interesting.

Medicine wins Sakuya

Medicine 珍しいからって余り得体の知れない植物を
I wonder how it is to make tea from strange plants as they are rare.

Medicine wins Youmu

Medicine 幽霊に効く毒は、心に効く毒。 The poison that is effective on ghosts is that which is effective on the soul.

Medicine wins Reisen

Medicine 月の光は毒光線。
The moon's light is a poisonous light ray.
That's a thing worth learning.

Medicine wins Cirno

Medicine お腹の冷やしすぎは体に毒よ。 If one's true intentions are too cold they are poison to the body.

Medicine wins Lyrica

Medicine 心に毒となる曲もある。
There are song that act as poison as well.
Songs that bring about an abnormality in the mind.

Medicine wins Merlin

Medicine 毒って行っても[1]色々あるのよね。
When we talk of poisons there are many.
Of course, there are those that enhance the mind as well.

( Note.1:ZUN's typo? Right spell is "言っても"? )

Medicine wins Lunasa

Medicine 自殺に追い込むような曲も、立派な毒よねぇ。 A song that drives one to suicide is a wonderful poison.

Medicine wins Mystia

Medicine 羽は風を起こし、毒をまき散らしやすい上に、
Wing are able to stir up the wind and spread poison.
On top of that, once poison is stuck, it is hard to get off.

Medicine wins Tewi

Medicine 毒で皮膚が爛れたら海水に浸ると良いわ。
If poison inflames the skin it is best to soak it in ocean water.
It might sting a little but stick it out, stick it out.

Medicine wins Aya

Medicine ああ、そんなに風を起こしちゃ駄目だって。 Ahhh, I said don't fan the wind like that!

Medicine wins herself

Medicine あら、毒が見せる幻覚かな? My, is the poison making me hallucinate?

Medicine wins Yuka

Medicine 向日葵に毒があったら、これほど気持ちの悪い
To think if sunflowers had poison.
No flower would be as unpleasant as such.

Medicine wins Komachi

Medicine 毒で死んだ人間の霊は、綺麗な姿をしている
Is it true that the people who died of poison have beautiful spirits?

Medicine wins Sikieiki

Medicine 自ら毒を飲む自殺と、毒を飲ませての他殺だと
Which is a heavier crime, committing suicide by drinking poison, or committing murder by making others drink poison?

Medicine wins someone

Medicine 少量の毒なら薬とはよく言った物ね。 It's often been said that small dosages of poison can be medicine.
Medicine どうしたの?
What's wrong? Taken poison?

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