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Lyrica wins Reimu

Lyrica 神社には死んだ音って余り無いのよねー。 There's not a lot of dead sounds in the shrine, huh.

Lyrica wins Marisa

Lyrica 魔法の森では耳を澄ますとキノコの生長する
Did you know if you strain your ears in magical forests that you can hear the sound of mushrooms growing?

Lyrica wins Sakuya

Lyrica 紅色はこの世の重低音。
Rainbows are the bass sounds of this world.
Exceeding the rainbows are illusionary sounds. That's where I come in.

Lyrica wins Youmu

Lyrica 幽霊の音って、実際何の音なのかしら? I wonder what kind of sound the sound of a ghost is?

Lyrica wins Reisen

Lyrica 波を弄ることが出来るのなら、シンセサイザー
When you're able to tamper with the waves, you're like a synthesizer.

Lyrica wins Cirno

Lyrica 物が凍ると音も凍るのよー。
You freeze sound as well as things.
The sound of the ice breaking is the sound of those sounds melting.

Lyrica wins herself

Lyrica あら、そっちのキーボードの方が良いなぁ…… Huh, that keyboard is better...

Lyrica wins Merlin

Lyrica ほら、私が一番偉いでしょ? See, aren't I the greatest?

Lyrica wins Lunasa

Lyrica ほら、私が一番偉いでしょ? See, aren't I the greatest?

Lyrica wins Mystia

Lyrica あんたは歌に恵まれてないんじゃないの? You're blessed by song, aren't you?

Lyrica wins Tewi

Lyrica 兎が跳ぶときのぴょんって音。
聞いたことある? もしかして幻想の音?
Have you heard the "pyon" sound when a rabbit jumps?
Or maybe it was an illusion?

Lyrica wins Aya

Lyrica 新聞は音が出ないからなぁ……
Because newspapers don't make sound...
If you made it so they could maybe everyone would buy it?

Lyrica wins Medicine

Lyrica そうそう。

That's right.
I've seen a doll that makes sound.

But it was a chimpanzee.

Lyrica wins Yuka

Lyrica 音に反応して踊る花の夢を見たわー。 I had a dream about flowers that danced in response to sound.

Lyrica wins Komachi

Lyrica そう言えば、外の世界では硬貨のジャラジャラ
That reminds me, the sound of jingling coins in the outside world is decreasing as well.

Lyrica wins Sikieiki

Lyrica ああ、説教の音も幻想の音になっていく。

Ah, the sound of a sermon is becoming an illusionary sound.

The amount of people preaching is decreasing, right?

Lyrica wins someone

Lyrica このキーボードの霊には、既に亡くなった音が
The soul of this keyboard is already packed with sounds that have passed away.
Lyrica ぎゃふんって音出す人間居ないかなぁ…… I wonder if there is anyone who can make the sound of speechlessness...

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