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Lunasa wins Reimu

Lunasa 巫女なのに少しはしゃぎすぎね。
You're a little overexcited for a shrine maiden.
Watch over the incident with composure.

Lunasa wins Marisa

Lunasa 貴方みたいな爆弾が浮かれた行動を取ると
It's scary to take actions against bombs dropped like yours.

Lunasa wins Sakuya

Lunasa さあ、貴方の今の境遇を思い出して。
Hey, now I remember what's going on with you.
You're locked up by a demon.

Lunasa wins Youmu

Lunasa 冷静になって……
In a level-headed way....
Think about your current circumstances.

Lunasa wins Reisen

Lunasa 花が咲く程度、なんてこと無いわ。
When I see your sad state, there's no limit to which the flowers could grow.

Lunasa wins Cirno

Lunasa もっと冷静になって。
Calm down.
You're making yourself look foolish.

Lunasa wins Lyrica

Lunasa 音が死んでいるわ。
The sound is dying.
I'll look for a more unearthly sound.

Lunasa wins Merlin

Lunasa 音が抜けてしまっているわ。
You missed a note.
Practice with your feet firmly on the ground.

Lunasa wins herself

Lunasa あら、ちょっと音が外れてる……。 Huh, the sound's a bit off...

Lunasa wins Mystia

Lunasa 歌も選んで歌いましょう。
Pick a song and let's sing.
Or do you only have weird songs?

Lunasa wins Tewi

Lunasa もっと落ち着いて歩きなさい。 Please walk more calmly.

Lunasa wins Aya

Lunasa 自伝でも書いて少し思い直してみたら?
I wonder how many volumes one's autobiography would be if they looked back a bit.

Lunasa wins Medicine

Lunasa 貴方は悲しい境遇の生まれなの。
You were born in a sad environment.
It's no time to be merry.

Lunasa wins Yuka

Lunasa 向日葵が太陽を向いているのは、羨望と妬み。
Sunflowers turn to the sun out of jealousy and want.
Of course I wouldn't call them cheerful flowers.

Lunasa wins Komachi

Lunasa 貴方の周りは常に葬式ムードでないと、死んだ
I think if the mood around you weren't always that of a funeral, it wouldn't feel like you've died.

Lunasa wins Sikieiki

Lunasa 地獄の裁判は騒々しいのかしら。
I wonder if the trials in hell are noisy.
Do you judge because you're fascinated by the opposition of the ghosts?

Lunasa wins someone

Lunasa そう。
That's right.
You're a little too excited, so calm down.
Lunasa もっと落ち着いて行動しないと、解決する物も
If you don't calm down a little more, even what's been determined won't settle.

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