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Cirno wins Reimu

Cirno 巫女がなんぼのもんだっていうのよ! The miko can't do anything this time!
Cirno その辺の妖精と一緒にしないでくれる? Won't you go over to those other fairies for me?

Cirno wins Marisa

Cirno 人間がいくら背伸びしても妖精の能力も
No matter how much humans try, they can't use the power of fairies!
Cirno そんな重装備をしても無駄よ!
Even with all that layering, it's useless!
You can't keep out of the cold.

Cirno wins Sakuya

Cirno 凶器はナイフより氷の方が優れているわ! Icicles are a better weapon than knives!
Cirno どんなに偉ぶったって、人間なんて
If you wanna see how arrogant humans are, there you go.

Cirno wins Youmu

Cirno そんな刀で脅したって無駄よ!
You can't scare me with that blade!
Why? Because Eye am the strongest.

Cirno wins Reisen

Cirno 知ってるよ!
Yes Eye know!
That rabbits turn white in the winter.

Cirno wins herself

Cirno あたいったら最強ね。 When it comes to me, Eye'm the strongest.

Cirno wins Lyrica

Cirno 朝からちんどんうるさいね! Quiet, you've been clanging and banging since the morning!

Cirno wins Merlin

Cirno ああもう。
Every noise resounds in my head!

Cirno wins Lunasa

Cirno そんな高い音出していたら、
If you play out a sound like that, it could crack ice!

Cirno wins Mystia

Cirno あたいの氷は飛ぶ鳥も落とすよ。 My ice even makes the flying birds drop down.

Cirno wins Tewi

Cirno 海を渡れない兎なんかには負けないよ! Eye won't lose to a rabbit that can't cross the sea!

Cirno wins Aya

Cirno 見ててよ? 今度大異変を起こして、
See? That's what you get for brewing big incidents
and beating everyone up!

Cirno wins Medicine

Cirno 人形なんかになめられるほど、
Fairies are not so weak that they can be looked down upon by dolls!

Cirno wins Yuka

Cirno アイスフラワーにしてやるんだから! I'll make you into an ice flower!

Cirno wins Komachi

Cirno お金で釣ろうったって無駄無駄!
It's no use to lure me with money!
Eye don't want it anyway.

Cirno wins Sikieiki

Cirno 何よ。そんな難しいこと考えていたって
What's that?
Thinking about such difficult things is boring, you know.

Cirno wins someone

Cirno あたいをなめると舌を火傷するよ! Touch me and you'll get a frostbite!
(Lit. a pun with "make light of me" sounding like "lick" in Japanese and then her saying "you'll scald your tongue")
Cirno 凍らせられない物など無い! There is nothing Eye can't freeze!

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