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Aya wins Reimu

Aya やっぱり、ネタに困った時は巫女に限ります。
Of course, when I'm stuck for stories I'm limited to those of shrine maidens.
After this as well I'll be looking forward to fun activities from you.

Aya wins Marisa

Aya ちなみに幾ら泥棒しようとも、私はその事を

By the way, no matter how much you steal, I don't find fault in it.

Because that would work against the newspaper.
You always have to watch with an objective eye.

Aya wins Sakuya

Aya 紅魔館にはいつもお世話になっております。
I'm always indebted to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
There is no other place with quite as many strange incidents.

Aya wins Youmu

Aya あの世に行くことは滅多にないのですが……
I don't often visit that world, but...
I have to wonder if maybe there are interesting stories there.

Aya wins Reisen

Aya そういえば、月の兎が突いたというお餅は、
That reminds me, the mochi the Moon Rabbit was pounding was just an everyday mochi, wasn't it.

Aya wins Cirno

Aya 妖精だって、大きな事件を起こせば記事に
I'd like to do a write-up on fairies if something big happens. Will I have the chance?

Aya wins Lyrica

Aya 事件が無いからって、プリズムリバーさんの
Because nothing really happens, it's impossible to write only of the Prismriver Sisters' concerts.

Aya wins Merlin

Aya ああ、トランペットの音が素敵ですね。
Ah, the trumpet sounds lovely.
I'd like to put together a feature in the paper like that.

Aya wins Lunasa

Aya 今度のライブは何処で行うのでしょうか?
Where will you be holding your next performance?
A sunflower field?

Aya wins Mystia

Aya そうですね。
That's right.
I also think grilled chicken is bad.

Aya wins Tewi

Aya 詐欺の証拠さえ掴めば、記事に書けるのです
Even if I got my hands on proof that you were swindling me, writing it up in the paper would be...

Aya wins herself

Aya 人の振り見て我が振り直せ。新聞を書く者は
"Learn wisdom by faults of others." Those who write for the paper must demonstrate good conduct no matter what.

Aya wins Medicine

Aya もしかして……人形?
Could you be.... a doll? Surely not.

Aya wins Yuka

Aya 李下に冠を正さず、瓜田に履を納れず。
Avoid the appearance of evil, and avoid compromising situations.
It's better for you to be docile.

Aya wins Komachi

Aya 故人の話は、事件の宝庫なんでしょうね。
The story of a dead person is a treasure chest for scandal.
But there's the problem that it might be an old story to everyone.

Aya wins Sikieiki

Aya あ、そうだ。

Ah, that's right.
May I collect data on you until the equinoctial week?

I'd like to do a documentary write-up called "Getting to the Heart of how the Presiding Judge of Gensokyo Spends her Daily Life."

Aya wins someone

Aya 号外だよー。幻想郷一、確かな真実をお届け
Extra, extra! An extra of the Bunbunmaru newspaper to deliver the truth, the best in Gensokyo!
Aya どうですか? 貴方も「文々。新聞」を取りた
How about it? Won't you take a copy of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper?

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