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To view an ending, finish Story Mode or Extra Mode on any difficulty, using a particular character. Continues are acceptable.

  • For Ending No. 1, use Reimu Hakurei.
  • For Ending No. 2, use Marisa Kirisame.
  • For Ending No. 3, use Sakuya Izayoi.
  • For Ending No. 4, use Youmu Konpaku.
  • For Ending No. 5, use Reisen Udongein Inaba.
  • For Ending No. 6, use Cirno.
  • For Ending No. 7, use Lyrica Prismriver.
  • For Ending No. 8, use Mystia Lorelei.
  • For Ending No. 9, use Tewi Inaba.
  • For Ending No. 10, use Yuka Kazami.
  • For Ending No. 11, use Aya Syameimaru.
  • For Ending No. 12, use Medicine Melancholy.
  • For Ending No. 13, use Komachi Onozuka.
  • For Ending No. 14, use Shikieiki Yamaxanadu.


Unlocking Cirno and Mystia for Story Mode

To unlock these additional 2 characters for the Story Mode, you must have seen 2 unique endings.

Unlocking Lyrica and Tewi for Story Mode

To unlock these additional 2 characters for the Story Mode, you must have seen 4 unique endings.

Unlocking Aya, Medicine and Yuka for Story Mode

To unlock these additional 3 characters for the Story Mode, you must have seen all the endings from 1 to 9.

Unlocking Extra Mode

To unlock Extra Mode, you must have seen all the endings from 1 to 12.

Unlocking Shikieiki for Extra Mode

To unlock Shikieiki for the Extra Mode, you must beat Extra Mode with Komachi.

Unlocking all available characters for all modes

To unlock Lunasa and Merlin for Match Mode and all other characters for Story and Extra Mode, beat Extra Mode with Shikieiki.


Take pictures of your favourite moments

Pressing the "Home" key at any point while the game is running will save an uncompressed .bmp of the current screen in a local folder called "snapshot". Each snapshot is initially 900 KB, so be mindful of your hard drive space.

Different character colour schemes

When choosing your difficulty, hold down your "slow" key and keep it held down while selecting your character to make her wear a different colour scheme. E.G. Doing so with Reimu makes her wear a blue dress.


Saving replays crashes the game

For some users, attempting to save a replay will frequently cause the game to crash. A way to get around this is to choose a save slot initially, go back to the replay listing, and choose again. Choosing the same slot is okay.

Difficulty Level Descriptions

Like most of the Windows games, each difficulty level in Phantasmagoria of Flower View has an alternate name and a brief description.

Easy - Daruma grass - A gentle difficulty level with the least attacks.
Normal - Pheasant's eye narcissus - A standard difficulty level.
Hard - Camellia sasanqua - The attacks start off pretty hard.
Difficult - Higan flower - The difficulty level of the other side.
Extra - Saigyou Ayakashi - Keep dodging the sakura petals as they fall.

In addition, the various play modes in match mode also have alternate names and descriptions:

Player vs Player - Human vs Human - Play a match with someone who's your friend (or not)
Player vs CPU - Human vs Familiar / Shikigami - Play a match with a computer opponent
CPU vs Player - Familiar / Shikigami vs Human - Play a match with a computer opponent (for twisted people)
CPU vs CPU - Familiar vs Familiar / Shikigami vs Shikigami - Oversee a match between computers

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