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White Rabbit of Good Fortune

因幡 てゐ

Tei Inaba [sic]

能力: 人間を幸運にする程度の能力

Ability: Can bring fortune to humans

危険度: 低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Normal

主な活動場所: 迷いの竹林

Main place of activity: Bamboo Forest of Lost


Tewi Inaba is the youkai rabbit that serves as the leader of the wild rabbits.


She is a rabbit who has managed to live a long life by taking good care of her health.


She can assume human form and understand human speech.


This youkai rabbit is also known as the Rabbit of Good Fortune, and it's said that those who see her have good luck.


However, not only is she very fleet-footed, but she spends much of her time in the Bamboo Forest, so it isn't very easy to find her.


She has a very mischievous personality, but can be cowardly, and is shifty.


She is extremely emotional, to the point that her personality is not unlike a fairy's.


It's said she spends most of her time in the Bamboo Forest and lives at Eientei.


In fact, she has lived in the Bamboo Forest since before Eientei was constructed, and is said to be one of the longest living youkai in Gensokyo(*1).


Eyewitness reports

・この前、竹林でやっと妖怪兎を見ましたよ!これでオラにもささやかな幸せが訪れる (匿名)

"I finally found that rabbit in the bamboo forest just now! I'm sure Lady Luck will be visiting me from now on ..." (Anonymous)


Good fortune isn't all that long-lived, so you may have exhausted your share by simply making it back safely from the forest.

・ああ、兎肉は淡泊だからどんな味付けにも合うよ (香霖堂店主)

"Aah, rabbit meat is so light, I wonder what goes with it?" (Kourindou proprietor)


Rabbit meat is just one popular dish in Gensokyo(*2).

・兎を罠にかけても、中々妖怪兎は掛かっていないんだよね (匿名)

"Even if I catch rabbits in my traps, there are never any youkai rabbits inside." (Anonymous)


Of course, youkai rabbits are pretty clever.




Due to her reputation as a harbinger of good fortune, she is unusually popular among humans for a youkai, but one can't find her by ordinary means.


Her inclination to stay in the Bamboo Forest only compounds the problem.


Entering the forest to find this rabbit would certainly be reckless.


The dense fog and monotonous scenery in the bamboo forest confuses your sense of direction, and the forest is full of youkai, so it's unwise to enter it unprepared.


One might say that it would be good fortune enough to even find her.


It may be that good fortune only visits those who were fortunate to begin with(*3).


Compared to a four-leaf clover, it's good fortune on the order of a forty-leaf clover.

*1 この幻想郷縁起の編纂が始まった時から、既に存在が確認取れている。

1: Her presence had already been noted at the time the Gensokyo Chronicle was first compiled.

*2 かくいう私も大好物。

2: It's a favorite of mine, as well.

*3 当たり前。

3: Of course.