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*Previous: pg. 106-107 [[Perfect Memento: Encyclopedia: Yama|Encyclopedia: Yama - King of Hell]]
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*Next: pg. 110 [[Perfect Memento: Encyclopedia: Outsider|Encyclopedia: Outsider - Spirited-away Humans]]
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Supreme Judge of Hell


Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

能力: 白黒はっきり付ける程度の能力

Ability: Judging things clearly as right or wrong

危険度: 極低

Threat level: Extremely low

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Normal

主に活動場所: 彼岸

Main place of activity: Higan


One of the many Yamas.


In charge of judging the dead of Gensokyo, she's the Yama with the closest ties to us. (*1)


Since she is extremely preachy and never says anything wrong, she seems a little hard to approach.


However, her teachings are basically for the benefit of the people of Gensokyo, so she wants us to listen to her seriously and obediently.


This Yama is famous in Gensokyo, and particularly long-lived youkai have been helped by her at least once.


Nevertheless, youkai feel uncomfortable around Yamas, so whenever a Yama comes to Gensokyo, all youkai go into hiding.


In this sense, Yamas are allies of honest people.


Moreover, whenever a living person's karma level is so bad that it becomes certain that he will go to Hell, she will go directly to warn that person during her work break, and may even "urge" the person to better himself. (*2)


Cleansed Crystal Mirror


A mirror that the Yama possesses.


By looking into the mirror, he/she sees all your past deeds.


Although the mirror enables the Yama to make fair judgments, it also tires him/her out.


In front of the mirror, there is no privacy, and the Yama can learn any personal information as he/she pleases. It is one hellish (*3) device, indeed.


The mirror's size varies among Yamas, but it is said that hers is as large as a hand mirror.


Rod of Remorse


The rod which the Yama always has in the hand.


This is the rod on which she writes charges and with which she beats the guilty.


People who have done wrong are beaten many, many times in direct proportion to their sins, and she keeps beating them until they repent.


The weight of rod is the heaviness of the sins written on it.


In fact, sins are distinct from the living world's crimes, and have nothing to do with whether or not they are based on any law.


Sins are determined purely at a Yama's discretion.


At one time, one rod was used per ghost, but after considering the influence on the environment, now it is made of a new material which can be written on many times.

*1 ヤマザナドゥは是非曲直庁での役職名、意味はそのまま、楽園の閻魔だ。

1: Yamaxanadu is actually a job title at the Ministry of What's Right and What's Wrong. The meaning is literal: the Yama of Paradise.

*2 受ける罰を誇張して脅しているとも。

2: Perhaps by exaggerating the punishment that the person will receive.


3: Both literally and figuratively.

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