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Scarlet Devil Mansion

危険度: 高

Danger level: Aggressive

遭遇する妖怪: 吸血鬼、魔法使い他

Encounterable youkai: Vampire, Magician, etc.


A European-style mansion with red windows built on a ridge in the Misty Lake.


It is the house where a well-known devil lives.


Since the mansion was moved from the outer world, it clashes badly with the surrounding scenery.


The residents of the mansion also have a different culture from that of most humans and youkai, and live bustling, flamboyant lives.


A large quantity of maids live and work in the mansion, and although there is a lot of cleaning, cooking, washing and guarding to be done, it is said not many of the maids are actually useful (*28).


The Scarlet Devil Mansion also has a basement, which is larger than it appears, and complex.


There are also many rooms without windows inside, which make it more complex.


In the basement is the great library which is said to be the largest in Gensokyo.


But, it is not open to the public and no one is sure what kind of books are there (*29).


On the roof is a large clock tower with a bell, which only rings at night.


Night is this mansion's main time of activity.

*28 メイドの殆どが妖精で、自分勝手な事しかしないから。質より量である。

28: Since the maids are mostly fairies, most can't do anything themselves. It's quantity over quality.

*29 拾い物の魔導書、パチュリー著の魔導書、外の世界の本で一杯だと言われる。

29: It is said that it is full of rare magic books, Patchouli's own magic books, and books from the outside world.