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[[Category:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense]]

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Sanzu River

危険度: 高

Threat Level: High

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊、死神他

Encounterable Youkai: Ghosts, Spirits, Death Gods etc.


On the other side of the mountain you can get to the well-known river separating this world and the next (*19).


Gensokyo is on the side of the living, and Higan is on the opposite bank.


Many ruined fish inhabit the river, but it's said they're all ghosts.


Unfortunately, you cannot catch any of them.


The river is enveloped in a deep mist, so there is no day or night.


However, the mist shines faintly.


Jagged, moss-covered rocks break the surface in a number of places, lending to the otherworldly environment.


Since it's impossible to swim across(*20), the only way to cross the river is in a shinigami's boat.


However, the shinigami charge exorbitant fees for their services, so the living cannot cross(*21).


If you manage somehow to cross the river, you cannot return until your next life.


It's likely no-one has ever crossed while still alive.


The river barely flows at all, so it's a quiet, almost silent place.


Sometimes you can hear the boisterous songs of shinigami, but no other living thing can be heard.


Strangely, even as their boats ply the water, the water itself makes no sound.

*19 ちなみに河が流れている場所は幻想郷ではないが、幻想郷から行ける場所として紹介する。

19: Incidentally, the place where the river flows isn't in Gensokyo, but you can get there from Gensokyo, so we'll discuss it here.

*20 何故か体が水に浮かないので、泳げない。舟も死神の舟以外は沈んでしまう。

20: For some reason your body won't float in the water, so you can't swim. Every boat sinks except shinigami's one.

*21 死者は全財産と割安。

21: All one's worldly possessions is a pittance to the dead.

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