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Road of Liminality

危険度: 低

Threat Level: Low

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他

Encounterable Youkai: Ghosts, Spirits etc.


The Sanzu River flows on the other side of the mountains, but you must travel down a certain road before you get there.


That is the Road of Liminality.


If you don't go down this road, you can't reach the Sanzu River.


You can walk this road while still alive, but mainly it is the dead who travel it on their way to the river.


One might think that surely a road travelled by the dead is a lonely place, but this is not true at all; a number of stands (*16) catering to the dead are lined up along it, and it's just as busy as if it were at a shrine festival (*17).


Living people who like festivals often come here as well.


As to the question of how a road the dead travel can have merchant's stands along it, the finances of hell had reached the point where it could no longer sustain itself merely from the ferrying fees levied on the departed, so it opened stands along the Road of Liminality in an attempt to get any more money.


As a result, hell can receive some money even from the dead who aren't sentenced to go there, and from the living.


However, those who run the stands are all criminals who were sentenced to hell, so it's said many fall victim to their tricks (*18).

*16 死んだ金魚掬い屋とか、人魂ボンボン屋など。

16: Such as dead goldfish catching, or soul candy stores.

*17 ここで生きる楽しさを思い出し、引き返して息を吹き返す事もある。

17: Sometimes the dead will remember the good times they had while living and retrace their steps to return to life.

*18 すぐにばれて再び地獄行き。地獄の卒業試験の様な物でもあるらしい。

18: As soon as they're discovered they're sent back to hell. It seems to be something like a graduation test from hell.