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危険度: 低

Danger level: Low

遭遇する妖怪: 様々

Encounterable youkai: Several


If you go from the Human Village towards the Forest of Magic, you’ll see a strange building.


This building is Kourindou: it is buried both on the inside and outside in items you can’t quite know what are, so quiet and gloomy that one can’t know if it’s really intended for business.


This is the sole shop in all Gensokyo that deals with outside world, youkai, netherworld and magic items.


However, not even the store owner knows how to use the outside world articles, and although there are many people interested in them, most of those items are not for sale (*6).


None of the merchandise has price tags, so when there’s something you want, you will have to bargain with the store owner.


And besides, outside items are frequently out of stock, so once they go you can’t know when another is going to arrive.


But then again, since their manner of use is not known, they end up not selling.


The owner, Rinnosuke Morichika, strangely doesn’t make any distinction between humans and youkai, dealing with both of them.


And, in fact, he is a human-youkai half-breed himself. And even though he doesn’t attack humans, he is not attacked by youkai either (*7).


Even though the way from the Human Village to Kourindou is somewhat long, it’s a place where youkai are likely to show and overall difficult to go shopping there, one may find a lot of surprisingly interesting items there.


If you don’t cut short the owner’s rants though, he is likely to never stop.

*6 実は店主が蒐集家で、大抵の品が売る気が無いと専らの噂。

6: The fact that the owner is a collector and is not interested in selling most of the items is entirely a rumor.

*7 相手にしたくない性格だからかも知れない。

7: Maybe because they hate to face his personality.