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Scarlet Devil


Remilia Scarlet

能力: 運命を操る程度の能力

Ability: Ability to manipulate fate.

危険度: 極高

Threat level: Very High


Human friendship level: Very Low

主な活動場所: 紅魔館近辺

Main place of activity: Around the Scarlet Devil Mansion


If one refers to vampires that are known to exist in Gensokyo, they must be the Scarlet family living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


Its master is the Scarlet Devil (*1), Remilia Scarlet.


Her appearance and behavior might seem childish, but she has actually lived for more than 500 years and possesses amazing physical powers, as do other vampires.


She's short and looks like a little girl under the age of ten, but she has wings that span wider than her height, and by looking at her silhouette, she may seem quite large.


Her ego is large as well.


Her actions are like a child's, which combines with her amazing strength and unlimited curiosity to make her a threatening devil that may explode at any time.


She sleeps during the daytime in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. At night she takes a walk or hosts a party and has as much fun as she can. After getting tired, she sleeps again.


It is not sure whether or not she is not using it consciously, but her ability to manipulate fate can make people just being around her have a lot of ups and downs in future, and just speaking to her even once could sometimes change the fates drastically.


As a start, you become more likely to encounter rare things (*2).


Stories about this youkai


Red Mist Disaster


This incident led to many humans knowing the existence of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


There was an incident where Gensokyo was covered in deep red mist and the sunlight could not reach the Earth, leading to a summer with low temperatures.


This mist persisted for a few days, and led to people being unable to leave not only the human village, but even their homes.


It was found out that Remilia was the cause of this mist, with the self-centered intent of removing the sunlight so that she could party during the day as well.


It's said that in the end, the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine punished her in order to end this incident.


Eyewitness Reports

・この間花見してるのを見たよ。日傘を差してさ。日光に弱いっていうのに夜桜じゃないんだな (匿名)

"I saw her watching flowers. She was using a parasol. Even though she's weak to sunlight, she didn't choose to see the night sakura instead." (Anonymous)


She is a vampire who is often spotted in the daytime as well.


It is believed that parasols are ideal for her to block UV rays.

・この間夜桜見てるのを見たよ。日光に弱いっていうからやっぱ夜桜なんだな (匿名)

"I saw her watching night sakura. I guess she watches night sakura since she's weak to sunlight." (Anonymous)


So it's highly likely that she was watching sakura for the whole day.

・怪我をして倒れてたら、紅魔館の人に助けて貰って、何日か泊まった事があったよ。悪魔の家っていうけど、意外と親切なもんだな。ただ、食事が食べられる物が殆ど無かったのと、毎晩騒がしくて眠れないからさっさと逃げてきたけど (匿名)

"Having been wounded, I passed out, and someone from the Scarlet Devil Mansion helped me and let me lodge in. The place was called the Devil's Mansion, but unexpectedly she was gentle. Well, since there wasn't anything much to eat, and since it was very noisy during the night, I couldn't sleep, so I ran away." (Anonymous)


Vampires are surprisingly polite.


Especially since they try not to eat the humans in Gensokyo.


However, it might be that your fate to 'just die in the streets' has been altered (*3).




Although she is a youkai with many weak points, it is not a good idea to exploit them and excite her.


Since she cannot be exterminated under normal circumstances, you will most likely anger her and simply be blown away.


Since she has abundant curiosity, she may choose to invite humans to her parties or play in the human villages out of nowhere.


However, because she is childish, you must be careful not to render her in a bad mood. Otherwise, there may be terrifying consequences.


You will have to put up with her selfishness.


She thinks that nobody is superior to her, not only among humans but among youkai as well.


Because of her high-handed attitude, she is friendly to none.

*1 幻想郷に来る前から人々に紅い悪魔と呼ばれていたという。由来はよく血をこぼし、白いおべべを紅く染めていたからだという。

1: She was called the Scarlet Devil before coming to Gensokyo. This came from the fact that she often spills blood and stains her white clothes.

*2 実際はそんなもんじゃないかも知れないが、目で見て判る効果が無い能力である。

2: Maybe it isn't like that, but it's an ability whose effects cannot be seen by the human eye.

*3 変えられた運命次第では、人妖になってしまう事もあるという。

3: Depending on how she changed fate, you might even become a half-human-half-youkai.