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危険度: 高

Threat Level: High

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他

Encounterable Youkai: Ghosts, Spirits etc.


After death, humans pass through the Chuuu Road, cross over the Sanzu River, and receive Yama's judgment. Depending on severity of their crimes, they are sent to Hell, to the Netherworld, to Heaven, or to other places.


Among those, the Netherworld is a world where the guiltless dead spend their time as ghosts, until they achieve enlightenment or reincarnate.


Different from the desolate Hell, it is calm, though it has various seasons. It is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, and dyed beautifully by red leaves in autumn.


However, even bugs or birds or beasts are basically the dead in there.


Without any cry, they fly in the sky silently and splendidly.


Because it is so beautiful, many ghosts stay there forgetting enlightenment or reincarnation. (*30)


Of course, most people are the dead in that world, but recently a hole opened in the barrier between the Netherworld and real world, and it became easier to come and go.


The Netherworld is a notable place to participate in hanami for people in the know.


Also, in the Netherworld, there is a ridiculously huge mansion named Hakugyokurou.


It is a beautiful structure, surrounded by walls and stairs with continental designs, and has a Japanese residence and a Zen garden at its highest level.

*30 成仏すると天界に行けるが、既に天界が飽和状態で、現在は成仏が制限されていると聞く。

30: Enlightened ones can go to Heaven, but I hear that Heaven is already full, and enlightenment is restricted now.

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