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Nameless Hill

危険度: 中

Threat Level: Medium

遭遇する妖怪: 妖精、幽霊他

Encounterable Youkai: Fairies, Ghosts etc.


Opposite of Gensokyo from the Youkai Mountain is a small mountain, and halfway up it is a meadow with a great number of lilies-of-the-valley.


Somehow, it remains a place hidden from the human village.


It doesn't get much direct sunlight and it's fairly windy, so it doesn't get very warm.


The reason this place is called Nameless Hill is because long ago it was a place where children were abandoned (*26).


Young children who weren't even given names were brought here to sleep to their death among the lilies' poison.


The dead bodies were cleaned up by the youkai, so they disappeared without a trace.


However, it's said that some of the children were spirited away, alive, by mischievous youkai and raised as youkai.


Of course, even the parents wouldn't have wanted to see their own children die, so perhaps they would leave them here thinking they might have a chance to live as youkai; it's a sad story.


Perhaps because of its dark history, not many humans visit this place today.


At some point youkai stopped visiting as well, so this is a place forgotten by contemporary Gensokyo, having become "nameless" just as the term implies (*27).

*26 幻想郷が外と自由に行き来できた頃の話である。勿論、今は間引きは行われていない。

26: This is a story from when one could pass between Gensokyo and the outside world. Of course, this doesn't take place today.

*27 うまいこと言った。

27: Ah, how clever!