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危険度: 極高

Threat Level: Extremely High

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他

Encounterable Youkai: Ghosts, Spirits etc.


Heading further along the Road of Reconsideration, one would reach Muenzuka, where the road ends.


Although it's a small area enclosed by trees, this place is where the most dangerous humans and youkai of Gensokyo are.


Although this place is a graveyard for those without relatives, because many of those beings are from the outside world, but became lost and ended up here, the growing inclination towards the outside world has begun to gradually loosen the magic barrier.


Also, as there is something similar to a graveyard, and also easily established connections to the realms of the dead, it's a place where one doesn't know what might happen(*39).


However, there are lovely things called purple cherry blossoms although their numbers are small; and there are also other never seen mysterious wonders on display.


When the flowers of these cherry blossoms fall, the deceased of Muenzuka will be released from their doubts and wanderings, and will finally progress to the Road of Liminality[1].


The flowers of the purple cherry blossoms purify the soil of the Muenzuka, once per year this severing of doubts and fears causes the flowers to blossom, and even for Gensokyo, this is a quite a peculiar youkai cherry tree.


Those cherry petals that drop by ones and twos create a sight reminiscent of something like the whole of Muenzuka weeping, an illusion that will beguile any viewers.


This might be the most perfect place for flower viewing, or so one might think, but the sorrowful sights create such sadness that there are none who clamor to have their flower viewing here.

*39 本来、結界が交わる事はあり得ないが、ここではそれが起こっている。その為、自分の存在を維持する事が困難になってしまう。

39: Originally, being able to cross the magic barrier was impossible, but that situation is exactly what has come to pass. For this reason, maintaining one's presence has become difficulty.[2]

^ 中有 (Romanized: "Chuuu") can refer to the Buddhist concept of an intermediate state of existence between life and rebirth, sometimes cited as 49 days.

^ Possibly meaning that it's difficult to stay in one realm, as opposed to slipping or wavering between different realms.