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Mountain of Youkai

危険度: 高

Threat Level: Aggressive


Encounterable Youkai: Tengu, Kappa etc.


A place where a great number of youkai moved in to stay long before the time of man, Youkai Mountain.


Usually, Youkai Mountain is just referred to as "the mountain".


The youkai living here, and the youkai living at the base of the mountain nearer the humans, have developed their own distinct societies, upholding one corner of Gensokyo's power balance.


In particular, the tengu and kappa on the mountain have developed technological strength (*14) comparable or greater than the outside world, as such, there exists no youkai who can invade this mountain.


The youkai of the mountain treat one another, more so than any other group in Gensokyo, in the most cheerful and neighborly way. An advanced proficiency in craftsmanship combined with near-futuristic technology means that daily life is bountiful and luxurious.


However, because of that strong internal cohesion, the pressures and criticisms facing outsiders or strangers can be quite formidable.


Especially with regard to trespassers or invaders, no matter the circumstances, and if necessary unleashing all available power, these opponents will be turned away.


The result being that the actual circumstances and state of affairs on the mountain itself is mostly a mystery.


Rumors say that within the mountain exists a large hollow cavity where a futuristic utopia just like the outside world is being built(*15).


In that place, the sun's light shines all day long, an automated factory produces the necessary tools to meet the needs of everyday life, and the youkai drink sake while reading the newspaper and discussing the news; one could call it an enjoyable way of life.


Within this hollow cavity, the forbidden act of opening a hole in the magical barrier leads to somewhere in the outside world, so other youkai and humans are not allowed to come near. That's what they say, but....

*14 天狗は写真、印刷、出版の技術。河童は鉄鋼や建築、道具の作成などの技術を持つ。

14: The tengu's technology includes photography, printing and publication. The kappa work with iron and steel and also are skilled in crafting tools.

*15 天狗の新聞を読むとまんざらでも無いと言った感じ。

15: When reading the tengu's newspaper, you kind of get the feeling it's not as bad as it sounds.